What Size Winch For Truck Is The Best?

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"I don't know what size winch for truck is the best, it's all Greek to me!"

If that was your statement, it's the right place where you've entered. We'll let you know everything about choosing the right size winch for your truck. Stay connected.

Needless to say, a truck is too weighty, so it's obvious that you'll have to get your hands on the winch that is capable of bearing heavy loads as well, for which dragging or pulling task seems like a walk in the park to you.

What Size Winch Do You Need For Your Truck?

What Size Winch Do I Need For My Truck

The first and most important duty is to know the total weight of your vehicle. After getting the approximate weight, make sure to multiply the number by 1.5.

For example, if the weight of your truck is around 2000 kg, the winch size you need should be 2000 X 1.5 = 3000 kg.

That means the winch you want to buy for your truck should be capable of pulling or loading 3000 kg (around 6613 lbs.). Very simple!

Can You Mount A Weighty Winch On Your Truck?

We don't think a winch with huge weight won't create any problem on your truck. Basically, winches are equipped with a weight of 70 to 120 pounds or so.

And when it comes to the weight capacity of a truck, it can easily hold tons of weights. Consequently, holding a heavy winch will be a cinch!

What about the Length of the Cable?

The size and length of the cable depend on the weight capacity of your winch. Around the market, you'll find two well-known types basically, including synthetic and steel wire.

Generally, the length of the wire starts from about 9 meters, and the maximum might be 36 meters or so.

Which One is Right for Me - Synthetic or Stainless Steel Wire?

Both synthetic and steel wires are great and both of them have some pros and cons. The off-road adventurer prefers steel over synthetic rope since the type is incredibly sturdy and designed to last for a longer period.

But frankly speaking, steel cable might fray, corrode, or break at times. Chances are it might get rusty after years of heavy usage as it’s prone to water and humidity. Proper maintenance has no alternatives if you use the stainless steel wire.

On the other side, synthetic rope is flexible and light in weight than steel wires. It's also durable and compatible with cold temperatures. But unfortunately, it gets weaker over time while exposing it to extremely hot temperatures.

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Hydraulic or Electric - Which Offers Maximum Benefit?

There are plenty of types to choose from. But when we talk about the most popular options, you will find hydraulic and electric winches these days.

An electric winch is much faster, able to take a whale of weight at once, and requires no physical effort at all. It works with an electric motor that takes energy from the vehicle's battery.

The installation process of an electric winch is easy-peasy and pretty much straightforward. A few models are equipped with a specific remote, enabling you to control the device in the best way possible.

But an electric winch is a bit steep compared to hydraulic and other models.

The name speaks for itself, the hydraulic winch requires hydraulic power to run efficiently. It needs no electricity, which is why it's a more reliable option for off-road enthusiasts.

After you mount your hydraulic winch in a specific place, you'll be unable to move it anywhere. So it brings some limitations.

Long story short: electric winch should be your go-to choice if you have the ability to pay top dollars! It's all up to you.

Note: If you look further about hydraulic vs electric comparison Go through this article: https://automobilenote.com/hydraulic-winch-vs-electric-winch/

The End

Now you better know what size winch for truck is the best, right? Well, alongside the size, we've added a couple of topics to this writing so that you can know about this super-efficient device in detail.

Since you've learned the technique of finding out the size, we’re pretty sure it'll be a piece of cake to choose the right winch for your truck.

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