What Size Winch For Car Trailer Is The Best?

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Before you find the right answer to what size winch for car trailer, you must know the range of tasks it can accomplish. Thus, it will be easy for you to determine the car trailer winch size. A car trailer winch is an urgent call either you are pulling a heavy car stuck in wheel-deep mud or rescued a friend out of steep rocky terrain while he was trekking.

Indeed, winches meant for car trailers make things far easier and can be a great help in a host of hauling jobs that include towing, pulling, lifting, and more. Not to escape your attention, you can apply a trailer winch in recreational and utility tasks where you need hauling heavyweight objects.

What and Why Is A Car Trailer Winch?

A car trailer winch or hauler winch is an excellent addition to your car that makes pulling and lifting jobs a breeze given you have determined the right capacity and size. This device comes attached with a cable with a hook and run by a motor housed inside the body. Some prefer to call it a buckle that tows or pulls other vehicles or anything too heavy to shift by any other means.

The car trailer winch sits on your car bumper or gets attached to the ramp of the trailer. The hook attached at one end of the cable must be heavier to bear with the pull of heavier objects as it is used to lift, tow, and pull other vehicles.

People use trailer winches for towing other cars, lifting heavier objects, and pulling stuck vehicles. All the said tasks go a bit easier when done using a car trailer winch with the right size. Yes, you can easily tow another car and lift heavyweight objects with your trailer winch. But you must determine the frequent tasks up ahead to face and ask yourself the crucial question what size winch do I need for my car trailer.

Factors To Choose the Size Winch For Car Trailer

Yes, our focus is on determining the right size of the winch you may need. Winch size is one of the crucial factors to determine before the ultimate purchase of a product. But to put things right, you must have a conclusive idea of all the crucial factors, and thus, only you can end up buying the right size of winch for car trailer.

There are numerous trailer winches in the market to overwhelm you as they serve different purposes and feature different sizes. The following guide will prove pretty helpful to choose the right size and best car trailer winch for you.

Yes, the size and weight of the target winch is our focus, but you cannot bypass other crucial factors like price range, weight capacity, Brand, and ease of use and installation.

The weight capacity of a trailer winch is the most crucial factor to consider. Even if you have the right size of the winch, it can fall short of serving the main purpose of recovery if not with the right hauling capability. Therefore, before favoring a winch unit finally, you should have straightforward answers to a host of questions – what are you using it for? Only for self-recovery, loading the boat into the trailer, or minor utility tasks? 

With the said considerations properly decided, you are all set to determine the size and weight of the target car trailer winch. You must find out two things first that include the dimensions of your trailer and the weight it can withstand. Thus, you can determine the right size of the winch that will fit your trailer and the weight not too heavy to sink in. 

Ideal Winch Size for Your Car Trailer

As the tradition goes, the winch capacity of a car trailer should be 1.5 times the GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight. Most of the trucks and SUVs take around 6,000 lbs as winch capacity.

However, you can no way go lesser than that, but more than this capacity is welcome. As the lowest capacity of winch for car trailer 6,000 lbs does well but the highest capacity is relative to the car the winch is needed.

Whereas 9500 lbs winch capacity does for the larger vehicles, it may go as much as the car weight in need of a winch. But if you collect a 12000 lbs winch, you can use such winch to haul the other heavier weighted vehicles you are owned.


You may find the store studded with fake or low-quality products, and research can only get you to the right unit. So instead, you follow our guidelines that will save your time and labor and help you overcome the labyrinth to find the target winch and right size.

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