How To Wire Winch Rocker Switch

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Learning how to wire winch rocker switch can be very useful in certain situations.

However, there is quite a lot of information on the internet about wiring winch rocker switches. It's difficult to judge which are reliable and which aren't. But no need to worry at all!

Because in this guide, we've gathered the best pieces of advice, only for you to make choices on the wiring. All you need is to follow all the steps carefully for the best outcome.

Interested to learn more about wiring and? Then read on to know more!

Wiring Winch Rocker Switch Safely

Enough talk, now let's dive into the action part.

Step 1: Gather Resources!

Make sure the engine is off, and the key is in the lock position. Double check whether the wires are connected to the toggle switch. Before proceeding, ensure that the toggle switch doesn't pass electricity to the winch. The winch's clutch must be disengaged. There will be no need for spade connectors.

However, a good winch is a must for this process. Whether the winch is new or old, you should ensure that it is reliable and long-lasting.

Step 2: Multimeter, Negative Battery and Solenoids

The first thing you need to do is work out your multimeter and connect it with a negative battery.

Put it onto one of your solenoids and operate the solenoids with your standard winch switch that comes with it, so you know it works.

The position where you can see the battery voltage will be different depending on how low the battery is when you put it in and take it out. You can try them both, and then you can mark them on. 

Multimeter, Negative Battery and Solenoids

Step 3: Connect the Wires

How to wire a winch rocker switch? Well, from here, it's quite simple, Install a gasket. You just need to connect the wire of your switch to the top pin of the gasket, then attach the winch to the ground.

Wire the switch from the back with the green, red, and yellow wires. Yellow wire should be connected to the Rocker Switch's uppermost terminal.

Connect the red wire to the Rocker switch's center terminal. Connect the green wire to the rocker switch's bottom terminal.

Connect the wires

Step 4: Pins and Pedal

So, when you are doing this to your car, you could simply attach the wire to the body. You don't need to send it all the way back to the battery. The top rows pins need to be aligned and you need to connect them to the corresponding solenoid you found when wired.

However, the Rocker should be used to route the wires. Reduce the braking force by squeezing the brake pedal all the way down. Clearance can be ensured by turning the handlebars to the full right and to the full left.

Step 5: Fuse the Pins

You will also find two positive center pins that come straight from the battery. These should be fused together.

So, find the direct connection points to the battery, connect them, and that's your positive in and your out in the bottom.

fuse the pins

Step 6: Always Double-Check!

It's important to make sure the winch's clutch is released before proceeding. Press the Rocker switch to "OUT" while the ignition is off. The Winch should not work.

If you find that the winch does indeed work when the engine is off, double-check that the three-colored cables (red, green, and yellow) are all connected properly.

Wires should not be stretched because they might damage them. Cable ties can be used to keep wires in place. Trim the excess, and you're done!

double check rocker switch work it or not

Wire Up the Winch Rocker Switch Now!

There it is – quicky and easy steps of wiring up a winch rocker switch. Read the instructions carefully to ensure you are connecting the cables and wires to the right points. The last thing you want is to spend hours frustrated, all because you attached the red cable to where the yellow should have been.

A simple power test can help determine if the problem is with the switch or its wires. And if everything fails, you can always contact an expert to rule out product defaults.

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