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How To Wire A Winch With A Toggle Switch

Though remote controlling a winch is the vogue now, you may not like the hassle of connecting and disconnecting the remote every time you are up to it. Moreover, when you can maneuver the winching staying inside the car, you would like to go for that mechanism.

There is an alternative if you can bear with wiring mish-mash. Yes, you are smart enough to guess that We are referring to the toggle switch. For that, you better learn the craft of how to wire a winch with a toggle switch.

Not to worry, this is not rocket science, and you can master the task if you have expert guidelines. Won’t you make your hand dirty to save bulks of dollars if you want to take professional help?

Of course, you will.

The toggle switch of a winch is a piece of winch component that uses a switch to get the winching done. As already mentioned, it is an alternative to the modern remote. Off-roaders have it located in the driving seat.

The upside is that you can control the winch while you can keep the car running simultaneously. It is a matter of flipping the toggle switch in the driving seat and control the winch the way you want.

Winch Toggle Switch

Now, you need not come out of the car. But for that, you should make sure that the toggle switch is wired properly to function. Winch toggle switch wiring is not more complicated than hooking up a battery with the solenoid. You have hooked up the battery means you are half-way. The rest half determines the toggle can control the winching.

3 Steps To Wire A Winch With A Toggle Switch

Here, we have broken down the process into three steps for your better understanding of the mechanism. Before jumping in the scene, remember that you are dealing with electrical wiring that warrants utmost caution to avoid any mishap and destroy the equipment. Now, let’s start the guide.

Step 1: Pre-installation Task

You have to switch off the ignition of your vehicle at the very outset. Now, find the toggle switch and the three wires connected to it and locate them easily according to their reflective colored wires (red, yellow, and green). Ensure that the power is off so that toggle switch does not operate the winch.

Before getting to the installation area, deactivate the winch clutch. Now, by opening the hood will take you to the installation spot. You have to cut the spade connectors from the yellow and green cables as the wire splices will do the job for the connectors. At this point, you are ready to begin the installation process.

Step 2: Install The Toggle Switch

Locate the solenoid box with at least three posts. The post positioning on top of the control box works as the positive terminal and the one beside that one is the negative terminal. These are two input posts to add to the battery.

Now, get to the bottom of the battery to locate two output posts – positive and negative terminal for the outage. They co-relate the two terminals on the winch.

Now, it’s time to spot the two smaller connections on top of the solenoid box. They are the main controls through which the cable goes in and out. If you have bought the new product, you may find the box labeled with respective functions. But a box without a label will not cause any hassle as it is easy to figure out the controls there.

It’s time to wire the battery with the winch. The default manual is the best guide to accomplish the task in this phase as it clearly mentions all the necessary instructions.

Step 3: Wiring With The Toggle Switch

In this stage, you shift your attention to the toggle switch as you have to wire the most crucial part now. Find the three connections to join them with wire with the safety switch/ the interrupter and the two posts – In and Out-on the toggle switch. Instead, you can use a thick cable constituted of three in-house wires to make your wiring even easier.

The green wire among the three is the power cable connected to the power source. This wire will connect to the central terminal in the solenoid box whereas the other two (commonly black and white) will connect to the in and out terminals in the box.

Now, go to the other end of the add-on cable to attach the first post of the switch with the green wire. Then take an extra piece of wire to connect the second post of safety switch and the toggle switch will get power supplied when needed. And the black and white wires will connect the in and out posts of the toggle switch. Thus, power connection to the toggle is done.

Post-installation Test

You are reading this part of the article is evident that the wiring is not that simple and so you can miss anything in the process. To ensure that nothing crucial is left undone, put the toggle switch on to see if it operates properly.

If it doesn’t start, you can re-check the wiring connections. Now, you can take help of the ignition light to see everything clearly so that nothing is wronged now.


You are now ready to winch from inside the car. But just make sure that you have connected the wires properly. Not to waste time and convenience, break down the process as is shown in this article. That is how you can wire a winch with a toggle switch. Trying it following the guidelines here will help you master the craft and save time along with money.

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