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How To Use A Winch Without Remote | Step By Step Guide

An off-road journey will appear to be incomplete and most importantly, unsafe without a piece of winch. This masterpiece is designed to take your jeep or car out from a ditch, hole, or mud. It can easily be operated through a wired or wireless remote.

Let's face it, what will we do if we forget to bring the remote on our journey? Is it possible to get away from that ditch? YES, it's 100% possible!

Our guide on how to use winch without remote will help you operate the device without any remotes. To learn each and every technique, keep on reading this write-up from head to toe.

Make sure to follow all the nooks and crannies that we are showing you right now so that you can utilize your winch without a piece of remote.

Preparing the Winch Cable

First off, you should stretch out the cable carefully to make sure it is pretty much smooth. It's better to pre-stretch the cable in order to reduce the weak points. Now, you have to unwind the entire rope, but ensure to leave a minimum of 4-5 wraps. Drag your car a wee bit after finding an anchor point.

Step-1: Time to Set the Pull!

For accommodating stress while winching, the point of anchor should be tighter. The direction of pulling your car or jeep should be in a straight line of course. To ensure maximum force during pulling, it's a good idea to secure the wire at the endpoint.

Step-2: Drag the Cable

While maintaining adequate tension, it is necessary to extend the cable very carefully. Keep in mind, the wire should be free from tangling issues if you want to make the job done with efficiency. After that task, you need to set the cable up onto that point of anchor.

Step-3: The Winch Line Should Be Packed With A Damper

On account of heaps of tension, you might experience a winch rope break every once in a while. So, to cut the stress level down during winching, make sure to set a piece of damper in the middle point of that wire. In a word, it should be placed between the winch and the point of anchor.

But hey, what should I pick as a damper? Well, a branch of a tree, blanket, or even a blazer can play a significant role at that time! Whatever the damper is, definitely, it should be equipped with adequate amounts of weight. Before the wire wrap enters the head of the roller, ensure to take it out as soon as possible.

Step-4: Tension the Rope

Now, the duty is to stretch out the rope before beginning the real pull. Make sure to start up the machine and pulse it at a snail's pace until getting the maximum tension. You should keep your eyes on that rope to see it's winching on the drum in the best way possible.

Running The Winch Without Remote

After preparing the winch cable, it is time to move on to the real action! Let’s run the device without remote. It can be an arduous job, but not impossible though!

Step-1: Engage the Winch for Pulling

After setting the winch operation in an appropriate way, it's the right time for beginning the pull. Have a focus on the solenoid to make sure it is activating the motor of the device. Because of the extreme tension, the wire cable might break at any time.

Step-2: Keep Yourself In A Safe Zone!

It's a must to keep yourself in a safe place to ensure ultimate safety. If the wire or rope accidentally tears up, there is a big chance of getting serious injury! The wire wrap should be placed securely in the middle. Besides, the cable of winch should get a little tension before beginning the winching.

Now, you can start up your car's engine from inside or side of the vehicle since there is no remote on your hands! From a slight distance, you should manually switch the winch motor “on.” Don't be hurry, as it might cause unusual jerking of the cable!

Step-3: Carry On Winching

After getting the right tension, you should keep on winching until your car moves from its previous position (where it got stuck). The process should be slow and steady and it is essential to take short breaks in the middle of the operation, guess why? Because it will let the battery to recharge and consequently delivers the highest pulling ability.

Step-4: Confirms the Result!

Yep, it's time for verifying the result mate! After successfully pulling your vehicle from that ditch, make sure to minimize the tension pretty slowly. Turn off the motor of the winch and isolate the winch wire from that point of anchor.

Note: After taking out the vehicle, you should pack all the necessary pieces of stuff. In that case, rewind the wire carefully. If somehow it tangles in the middle, you will have to suffer a lot during the next winching season!

Wrapping Up

That was every little thing on how to use winch without remote. From now on, nobody can stop you from operating a winch without a piece of remote. However, it's always better to have a specific remote so that you won't have to burn the midnight oil in order to run a winch.

Stay safe, and have safe journeys forever!

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