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How To Make A Winch Ground Anchor

If your vehicle gets stuck in a desert or barren land, winching without a tree can be quite tough. But not all hope is lost because, with sawed trees, you can easily DIY a winch ground anchor!

So, how to make a winch ground anchor? All you would need are three things and some basic winch knowledge and skills! In today's article, we will teach you everything you need to know about making a ground anchor.

Before you learn how to anchor a winch into the earth, you need to know how to build the ground anchor.

Step 1: Get the Right Things!

You will need some tools. Those are:

  • 2 Pieces of Round Bar
  • Gang Plates
  • Mud Plates

Step 2: Start Fusing

At first, you need to fuse an old Automotive Racing Products (ARP) bolt on the upper side of a bar. This will help you clutch it whenever you must tug any object.

Step 3: Puncture The Plates

Now, you need to puncture the gang plates. You can place the round bars into the pierced holes anytime you require the winch anchor.

Step 4: Use Your Mud Plates

You will need the mud plates if the ground or the earth is too soft or muddy.

There are mainly two ways of building ground anchor: The Deadman's Anchor and The Commercial Winch Anchors. Today you will teach you how to make these two winch ground anchors.

Making Deadman's Anchor for Winching

The Deadman's Anchor is the composition of a substantial wood log, a sand parachute, and metal sunk deep into the earth, which you will use to winch out your automobile.

Here are the steps you need to follow to make a Deadman's Anchor.

Making Deadman's Anchor for Winching

Step 1: Dig A Hole

At first, you need to dig a hole into the ground. It can be quite laborious. If the ground is hard, then it will be challenging.

Step 2: Use A Shovel

A shovel is a must to dig into soft ground. The best shovel would be an ergonomic shovel that has an anti-slip handle.

These shovels reduce the pressure on your lower back while working. And, since you will dig for a long time, these shovels are essential.

Step 3: Get Your Pickaxe Out

If the ground is hard, a pickaxe would be the best choice. You should get the pickaxe that has a stretchable spun glass handle.

Step 4: Put Down Your Anchor

Now, you need to put your anchor into the ground. So, dig a channel into the ground so that the cable can travel down in an even line.

Step 5: Hook It!

The anchor will push against all the sides of the hole until it can get a perfect hold. So, try to set down rock for the rope to glide on. This technique will help the anchor to go down in the straightest line.

Making Commercial Winch Anchors

A commercial winch anchor with a winch recovery kit and a Hi-Lift can get you and your vehicle out of any stuck situation. It is easy to use and carry, making it popular among winch users. Follow the steps below to build the finest commercial winch anchors.

Making commercial Anchor for Winching

Step 1: Look for The Right Place

Decide the place where you want to set the anchor. Then you need to pull back the winch line.

Step 2: Dig A Hole

Now dig a hole into the ground using a shovel or a pickaxe.

Step 3: Let The Anchor Down

Let the anchor go down into the soil. At one point, the spade of the anchor will sink and fasten itself. You might need to dig into the ground for the anchor to settle completely.

Step 4: Make Sure It’s Secure

You can set the winch wherever you want with the help of the anchor. It will help the winch to be rigid and stay in place.

Step 5: Ensure It’s in Perfect Position

You need to place the anchor properly to produce the highest pulling impact. So, you need to reel out the cable until there is an isolated line on the canister. The winch has the maximum strength in this position.

The excess cable will result in a loss of strength. So, you need to ensure the minimum quantity.

Step 6: Use Pull-Palls If You Have to

If you want to use multiple anchors at a time, you need the help of Pull-Pals. But it is not possible to do it unless you have a rider who also has it.

Top Rated Winch Recovery Kits

You will find many recovery kits in the market. We have listed the top five winch recovery kits you can get.

  • Spare Tire Anchor
  • Deadman Earth Anchor
  • Log Deadman Anchor
  • Rock Anchor
  • Winch Ground Anchor

With the help of these kits, you can easily lift your car.

You Need to Know

The winch ground anchor you make will depend on the type of earth or soil your vehicle is stuck in. Because the soil holds the cars and different soil has diverse grip.

If the ground is soft, you will need to dig quite deep in a linear form.

If the ground is hard, digging into it is also challenging. But you can do it with a shallow hole.

Final Words

Getting stuck anywhere is quite scary, even if you have help. So, you must be prepared for any situation. Learning how to make a winch ground anchor can save you from a hazardous situation. You also need to keep the winch recovery kit always with you. This will work as an assurance for you and the rider with you.

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