How To Keep Winch Cable From Binding with Uncoiling Tips

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A winch is very good at what it does. It can easily move heavy loads with the least amount of effort. But it is not invincible!

Winch cables can get damaged easily. The binding of the winch cable can cause some severe damage to your winch machine. So, you must know how to keep winch cable from binding, and all you have to do is learn to spool it evenly.

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about unspooling of winch cables.

Below are the steps you need to follow to keep the winch cable from binding.

keeping Winch Cable from Binding in Steps

Step 1: Start with Wrapped Cables

Always keep your cables wrapped under the loads.

Step 2: Learn How to Coil

After every use of the winch, make sure to coil the cable properly.

Step 3: Lodge

Lodge in a roller fairlead loaded with spring.

Step 4: Look At What Needs to Be Replaced

Find the kinked cables and replace them.

How to Uncoil Your Bound Winch Cable

If somehow your winch cable becomes coiled, you must uncoil them as soon as possible. There are several methods for uncoiling, which we have mentioned below.

Method 1: Manual Uncoiling

Follow the steps below to learn how to uncoil the winch cable manually.

Step 1: Unspool

Unspool the cable manually until you reach its binding point. You need to stop if you cannot uncoil the winch cable anymore.

Step 2: Maintain The Right Distance

Use your hand to hold the open-end side of the cable and the side near the fairlead. Keep at least one foot's distance between your hand and the fairlead.

Step 3: Pull Out The Cable

Pull the winch cable straight downward using your body weight as support. Find the 'OUT' button on your winch machine and press it for a short second. Do not stop pulling the winch cable when you press the button. You must perform these jobs simultaneously.

Step 4: Apply Pressure

To completely release the cable from a winch, you will need to coil the winch inwards and outwards a few times. And you need to apply consistent pressure on the winch cable during this stage.

Step 5: Use A Remote

With the assistance of a helper or a remote, you can go through this uncoiling process more quickly. You must be careful not to press the 'IN' button. Otherwise, your hand will get trapped in the roller.

Method 2: Uncoil While Driving

Here is a list of steps you need to follow to uncoil your winch cable while driving.

Step 1: Keep The Winch Closed

You need to keep the winch closed for this. Fasten your cable with a stationary object like a tree or a telephone pole.

Step 2: Reverse The Car

Now, reverse your car slowly and coil the winch outwards to generate strain on the cable.

You do not need to adjust the winch to release the spool in this method.

Step 3: Remember to Be Careful

Be careful not to reverse the car at high speed. Otherwise, this will cause damage to the winch gears. You also should not pull on the winch.

Method 3: Overfilled Winch

One should never grease a winch overfilled with cables. Greasing will cause the winch to become oily. And it will collect more dirt. Accumulation of dirt will make the whole process extremely difficult.

So, you should use the finest lubricating oil containing little to zero acids or corrosives. Then clean up the remaining oil.

Method 4: Adjust The Winch to Release Spool

Follow the steps below to learn how to uncoil the winch cable by releasing the spool.

Step 1: Park Your Car Somewhere Safe

Park your automobile in front of a fixed body such as a tree, a truck, or a telephone booth. Make sure the front of your vehicle is facing the stationary object.

Step 2: Free Spool

Set the free spool mode on your winch. Ensure that the spool is revolving without any constraint. If it faces restrictions while rotating, this might not be caused by a stuck cable but by the knob or the winch body.

Step 3: Connect Your Cable

Join the open end of the cable near the bottom of the fixed body. If needed, you can use a strap to enlarge the open end.

Step 4: Reverse Your Car

Now, slow and gently reverse your automobile to generate tension on the cable. Do not exert too much strain, as the winch's drum might crack.

Method 5: Winch Dismantle And Cable Unravel

Read ahead and find the steps you need to follow to uncoil the cable using the unraveling method.

Step 1: Detach The Winch

At first, you need to detach the winch from the automobile. For this, you need to uncouple both the negative and positive cables. Then wrap the positive one with electrical tape.

Now, take off the fairlead and untie the bolts holding up the winch.

You might need to detach the bumper for some vehicles.

Step 2: Place The Winch And Remove The Bolts

Place the winch on your workspace. Remove all the bolts keeping the winch together. Twist the winch apart to make the canister come loose.

Step 3: Uncoil

Untwist all the knots and uncoil the cable by working on the open end.

You might need a screwdriver and a gripper for this step. After taking off the cable, reconstruct the winch and lodge it back into the automobile.

Step 4: Twist again

Twist the cable onto the winch again. You must exert a specific level of pressure here.

Pro Tip: Take photos as you take apart the winch to remember where every part goes.

Method 6: Dismantle The Winch And Sever The Cable

Read below and find out how to uncoil the cable by cutting it.

Step 1: Follow The Previous Steps

Follow method 3 to take out the winch.

Step 2: Use Your Tools

Use a screwdriver and a gripper to get a coil of the cable by working on it.

Do not bend the cable, or else you will damage the winch.

Step 3: Split The Cables

Split the coiled cable using a powerful cable cutter.

Step 4: Use Heat

If you fail to cut the cable, use a small fire to heat the cutting point. Make sure to keep the fire steady not to damage any part of the winch.

Final Words

Keeping the winch cable from binding can prevent you from dangers caused by damaged winches. If you somehow end up with tangled lines, you can follow the steps of any of the methods to unspool your winch cable.

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