How To Identify Warn Winch Model Numbers

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When it comes to recovery your Jeep, you will need the best jeep winch available. Who makes the best winch, by the way? Warn Industries, of course. But you cannot use any winch to handle everything. To determine the maximum load capacity, you must first identify the correct model.

Besides, what happens if the winch itself needs to be repaired? This is also when knowing the correct Warn winch model helps. So, How do I identify my warn winch model, you ask?

Well, just sit back and let us help you find the answer. We have listed all the steps in detail below.

As Warn Industries has been making winch for a long time, they are a pro in whatever they do. They have produced so many winch models over the years for their customers. Now, the old Warn winch has one type of model number. After the 1990s, Warn Inc. updated its serial numbering system. Today, we will help you to identify both the old and new types of winch models of Warn.

Check The Gear Housing

Let us start with an easy way. Try to look at the side of the gear housing. The serial number of a Warn winch will just be imprinted or laser engraved on it. That is, the side of the winch adjacent to the gear housing is often where you may find the serial number.

Look for The Gearbox

Sometimes you need to check the gearbox of the winch for your desired serial number. When you look at the side of a Warn winch gearbox, you will find the number plate containing the serial numbers.

Take A Look under The Winch

If you still cannot find the serial number to identify the model, then just look under your Warn winch. Look specifically under the windlass. A barcode label sticker can be found under it. This sticker also provides information about the model.

Find The Exact Warn Winch Model in Steps

Once you have located the serial number using one of the ways listed above, the next step is to figure out the model of Warn winch you own.

  • a) Go to the Warn website, and click on the search option. In the search area, type in your winch engine serial number. After that, press the search button. You can even search it on the other search engines.
  • b) After getting the results, check whether they correspond to the model number and engine name according to your winch's user manual.
  • c) If the number matches perfectly, you will quickly get your Warn winch model number and what type of winch you are using.

An Alternative Way

If you are still facing problems identifying your winch model, look at the code plate mounted to the winch's side by the Warn Inc. The manufacturing date can be seen on the code plate.

As a result, you can figure out what kind of winch it is by using the date code and serial number.

How To Identify Older Warn Winch Model Numbers

The techniques to identify old Warn winch are pretty much straightforward. You just have to decipher it yourself and might not need web help.

On top of your winch housing, you will find a three-digit code. At first, it will not make sense to you. But we will tell you how to decipher it and identify your winch model.

Suppose the digit is like this, EC7. Now, you are fumbled by seeing this, We know. Let us help you. The first letter is the month the winch was produced. The 1st month of the year will be A, so E means your winch was made in May.

The second part of the code indicates the working day of a month except for the weekends. So, the C means the winch was produced on the third working day of that month.

The last part of the code means the year of production. So, if your winch has 7 at the end, that indicates that the year of production was either 1977 or 1987. If your winch has a metal socket, it was made before the ‘80s. And if it has a plastic socket, it was made in the ‘80s. This coding system was not followed after 1990.

By this method, you can identify your M8274 winch model. Also, if you see M8274-50 or M8274-60 written on your winch, they were created to celebrate the 50th and 60th anniversaries of Warn Inc.

Identifying Your Warn Winch Will Come in Handy

Choosing the wrong type of winch and the wrong model will put you in a lot of difficulties, though. As a result, it is in your best interest to identify the model as soon as possible.

If your winch needs to be repaired or needs any maintenance job, then it is beneficial to identify the model number. This is because if the technicians know the model number of the winch, it will be much easier for them to do the necessary repairs. 

Also, if you need any support from the Warn, the model number will simplify your task. We think after reading this guide, you will not have to think about how to identify warn winch model. Make your next off-road or marine adventure more fun and tension free.

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