Best Way To Mount Winch On Trailer

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Winches are simply awesome! The tool itself is highly capable of lifting or pulling a whale of heavy loads. It can be used to drag a massive boat or truck onto a trailer as well.

Considering the fact, it's essential to learn the best way to mount winch on trailer, including wiring a winch on a trailer. But these might be tricky and a wee bit difficult!

Don’t worry at all, we’ve got your back! We’ll teach you every single technique so you won't have to bust a gut doing it yourself. All you have to do is collect a number of different tools and read the complete write-up.

Stick with us!

Tools You Need To Mount A Winch On Trailer

As we've said earlier, collecting some of the necessary tools is important to make the job done. In that case, you should pick up the following things below:

  • Marker
  • Measuring Tape
  • Winch kit
  • Ratchet set
  • Drill
  • 3/8 inch bolts

10 Steps of Mounting A Winch On A Trailer

10 Steps of Mounting A Winch On A Trailer

Without wasting a single minute, let's jump right away to the process of mounting a winch on a trailer. The installation will take about an hour so.

Step-1: Using the Measuring Tape

First off, you'll have to use the tape measure that you have collected for the mounting purpose. Find the middle point of the trailer by using that measuring tape.

We suggest picking up a specific spot, which should be much closer to the front side of your trailer.

Step-2: Indicating the Spot

Well, it's time to pick the marker pen; why? Because you're going to point out the spot that you've picked before. That's the place where you're going to mount your winch.

Step-3: Removing the Template

From the winch kit, you should take the winch template out right away. Are you not familiar with the winch template?

Well, basically, it's a flat-shaped metal sheet. Once you remove it, you'll find a number of holes that let you connect your winch to the trailer in the best way possible.

Step-4: Centering the Template

After removing the winch template, now your duty is to attach the template to that spot you've marked earlier. Draw the outline of your winch through the marker. Also, mark the spots where the holes match the trailer.

Step-5: Time for Drilling!

Take a powerful drill to create some holes that you marked a few minutes ago. Set the winch straight away according to the holes line up. In that case, you can take your friend's support for holding the winch in a particular place.

Step-6: Inserting Bolts

In order to ensure you have aligned your winch properly, pick up a couple of bolts and insert them in all holes.

Step-7: Using the Ratchet Set

Hands down, the ratchet set is the best thing you can get yourself to screw every little bolt in a particular place.

Step-8: An Extra Hole is Essential!

Yep, you'll have to create an additional hole in the trailer, for which you can connect the cables of the winch to the battery of the trailer. From the winch kit, it's better to take the rubber.

After that, you should insert the rubber into that single hole to run the cables to the battery of the trailers through the hole. And you know, we're just a step away from completing the entire task!

Step-9: Attaching the Cables

Attach the cable’s black wire safely to the negative post of the battery and the red one to the positive post. EASY-PEASY!

Step-10: You're Done!

Voila! You've successfully finished the entire project of mounting a winch on the trailer. If you follow the above-written steps, nobody can stop you from doing it yourself!

How To Wire A Winch On A Trailer

It's better to know the way of wiring a winch if you're going to mount it onto the trailer.

Things to be noted, we suggest using a quick disconnect so that you can connect the power source of your vehicle (e.g. car) to the mounted winch. It's only ideal for light to medium-duty uses, bear in mind!

How to Wire a Winch on a Trailer
Never forget to put on safety goggles if you don't want to throw caution to the wind while working around batteries.

Note down the following things below to learn the simplest and safest method to wire.

Step-1: picking Up the Right Spot

Before jumping to the real action, it's a must to select a convenient spot so you can set the disconnector in place. It's best to attach it at the end of your car.

Basically, a disconnector equips two individual wires, including a shorter ground cord and a longer power cord.

Step-2: Setting the Cords

Make sure to ground the shorter cord to a specific area. The surface should be clean as well as made of metal. We think your car's frame can be a suitable option in this case.

Speaking of the longer power cord, route it from the rear of your car towards the beginning to the battery of the vehicle. Keep these things out of those places where the cable might pinch or get heat.

Step-3: Time for Connecting!

Underneath your car's hood, ensure to connect the power cord immediately. That should be to the positive terminal on your car's battery. Ground it by joining an individual wire. But, from where? Well, that should be from the negative terminal. Get it?

Step-4: Installing Circuit Breaker

Get your hands on the circuit breaker and connect it with the power cord of your winch.

Step-5: Wiring the Winch Up

It's always better to follow the instruction manual before wiring the winch up. In that case, you have to find the two wires which come from negative and positive posts. Install the disconnector and route it to the coupler of trailer. That's all!

The Endnote

Wiring and mounting a winch on a trailer will be as easy as falling off a log if you've gone through the entire writing. We tried heart and soul to show you the best way to mount winch on trailer, for which you can do it yourself without taking assistance from anyone.

Thanks for spending your valuable time with us!

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