Top 7 Best Warn Winches Reviews of 2022

A winch is an essential tool. It doesn't matter whether you are off-roading or driving on the highway; there is no telling when you will end up getting stuck somewhere.

And the best item to get you out of that situation is a winch. However, getting any winch is not a wise thing.

If you are looking for the best winch experience, Warn is your choice. It is a reputed company that has been making some of the top-notch winches in the business.

Therefore, if you need the best warn winch, we got you covered. Also, our article has several other helpful pieces of information to help you make your purchase.

By the end of our article, you shall have explicit knowledge of winch and several other things, that is a guarantee!

1. Top Rated Warn Winch: WARN VR EVO Series Electric Winch

"The Warn VR EVO is a top-rated winch from Warn. The merchandise features a superb cable constructed of steel. Thus, granting an exceptional pulling capacity of approximately 12,000 pounds. Also, it is easy to fit, comes with wireless remote control, and has a smooth and efficient motor."

2. Best for Jeep: WARN Zeon Series Winch

"Off-roading is one of the most interesting and challenging roads that someone in the driving seat might have to face. So, if you are up for the task, you need this winch for yourself. It has steel cables that can withstand a maximum weight of 12,000 pounds. Thus, if you are in a sticky spot, this is the ideal option for you."

"The VR8 is perfect for any mid-weight to lightweight vehicle. You should know, the item has a steel cable that can pull up to 4 tons. Apart from that, the model ensures smooth operation and efficient installation."

"The M12000 is the perfect choice for trucks because it has a pulling capacity of 12,000 pounds. What sets it apart is its powerful 4.6 HP motor and the ropes that can extend to 125 feet."

5. Best Versatile Pick: WARN Zeon Platinum Winch

"Of all the Warn winches you might come across; the Zeon platinum is arguably the most versatile. With its synthetic cable (that can withstand 10,000 pounds), efficient motor that can easily pull almost any vehicle, and loads of other perks, the unit is the best choice if you desire a winch that can work on virtually any variant automobile."

6. Best Affordable Warn Winch: WARN M8000 Series Winch

"Let's face it; winch is expensive. So, if you do not want to spend a fortune on a winch but also do not want to miss out on all the perks and benefits granted by them, we suggest that you give this a try! Its steel cable has 8,000-pound steel cables with efficient pulling mechanisms and whatnot."

"If you are searching for a more heavy-duty winch system, the 16.5Ti from warning is the one for you. It has a massive pulling capacity of 16,500 pounds thanks to its steel cables, and the product can do the trick in a matter of moments due to its efficient and powerful 12V motors."

In-Depth Reviews of 7 Best Warn Winches

Did you say you were looking for the most amazing warn winch in the market? Well, you can call off the search as we have everything for you right here.

In this section, we shall introduce you to the most prominent options when it comes to Warn winches. So, buckle up, buddy, and get ready to find the Warn winch of your dreams.

1. Top Rated Warn Winch: WARN VR EVO Series Electric Winch

WARN VR EVO Series Electric Winch
Product Specifications:
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Product Weight: 1 pound
  • Rope: Steel cable and Synthetic rope
  • Rated Line Pull: 12,000 lbs

There is no telling when your vehicle will need help to get past a tricky situation. And, if you like being prepared for all sorts of conditions, we suggest that you give the VR EVO Warn winch a try. Are you wondering why? We have all the answers here.

First of all, the winch is very powerful. Its steel cable can withstand up to 12,000 pounds. That is why we can assure you that the unit can pull any vehicle without any issue.

Furthermore, the thing comes with robust and effective motor and gear that enable swift operation in the trickiest circumstances.

By the way, the merchandise is a universal model that can be used for almost anything!

You should know, it has a waterproof construction, which enables you to use the product in almost any environment. Apart from that, the unit comes with another noteworthy feature, a remote-control operation.

Good Sides:
  • Extremely robust and enduring cables
  • Efficient and dependable motor system for swift loading and unloading
  • Highly reliable and robust construction
  • It can be controlled using a wireless remote
  • Is a tad expensive

Bottom-Line: The construction of the item is quite robust and reliable. The motor system is excellent for quick loading and unloading. If you ask us, we will go for this winch.

2. Best for Jeep: WARN Zeon Series Winch

WARN Zeon Series Winch
Product Specifications:
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Product Weight: 16 pounds
  • Rope: Wire rope
  • Rated Line Pull: 12,000 lbs

If you are searching for a top-class winch for your jeep or any variant of SUV, the Zeon series winch from Warn is a superb option. Well, price-wise, it is a tad steep. But we assure you that it is worth every penny!

The very first thing that you have to know about the product is its agility. It has been built from the most durable and reliable components, which assures you the best performance.

In addition to that, the rope of the winch is another marvel. It is a steel cable that is capable of withstanding a pulling force of up to 12,000 pounds.

Except for the ability to pull almost any vehicle, the merchandise ensures efficient operation. It is easy to install, and you can attach it to a car without much issue.

When this is coupled with its powerful and quick motor system, we assure you that the Zeon series winch will grant you the best performance when it matters the most.

Good Sides:
  • Highly durable build with black coating for scratch and corrosion resistance
  • The ropes can pull up to 12,000 pounds
  • It contains a superior design that ensures the rope doesn't go through any harm
  • Easy to operate and attach
  • Is pretty expensive

Bottom-Line: Along with its pulling capacity being 12,000 pounds, this unit also has a durable build with a black coating. This keeps it scratch-free. There are times when you will have to pay a little more to attain the finest items. And the Zeon winch series is the perfect example of that scenario.

3. Best for Car: WARN 96800 VR8 Electric Winch

WARN 96800 VR8 Electric Winch
Product Specifications:
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Product weight: 65.2 Pounds
  • Rope: Steel cable
  • Rated Line Pull: 8,000 lbs

There is a misconception that SUVs, trucks, or any off-road vehicle needs a winch system. However, that is not true.

You never know when you (in a typical sedan) will end up in a messy spot and will need help to get out from it.

To save yourself from such unlucky situations, we have the perfect solution, the VR8 electric winch.
The unit has a mighty wound motor that enables the winch to pull your vehicle from almost anything. Also, fixing the merch on your car is an easy task.

Moreover, the winch has a superb fiber cable capable of pulling lightweight and mid-weight vehicles. It can withstand up to 8000 pounds, which is enough for a simple car.

Besides, the sturdy construction of the unit ensures two things. Firstly, it grants an unproblematic installation attribute, which authorizes you to fix the winch onto a vehicle without much issue and in no time.

Secondly, Warn decided to provide a safety feature. Hence, even if the cable chokes and is unable to pull weight, the braking system will kick in, preventing any harmful event.

Good Sides:
  • Sturdy and reliable build that will last for a very long time
  • Easy to install
  • Safety feature prevents the load from slipping if the winch fails
  • Affordable pricing
  • It might not be suitable for trucks

Bottom-Line: The VR8 is a winch that is perfect for mid-weight to lightweight vehicles. So, attach this to your car, and we assure you that the product should be able to get you out of the stickiest situation.

4. Best for Truck: WARN M12000 Series Electric Winch

WARN M12000 Series Electric Winch
Product Specifications:
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Product weight: 131.6 pounds
  • Rope: Wire Rope
  • Rated Line Pull: 12,000 lbs

A winch for a truck should be a little more heavy-duty than all the others. However, finding a heavy-duty winch for trucks is no easy deed.

Do not worry! Here is the perfect solution for you. The M12000 from Warn winch is the ideal winch for trucks. It can pull a 12,000 pound with ease. So, your truck should be no biggie for it!

Combined with that, the winch has an efficient motor that outputs 4.6 horsepower. Therefore, enabling the product to pull almost any type of vehicle out of a tricky situation.

By the way, about the range, you do not have to worry about that! Its steel cable can reach up to a staggering 125 feet. 

Good Sides:
  • The ropes can extend up to 125 feet
  • Robust and enduring construction
  • Easy to install and use
  • It comes with a mighty 4.6 HP motor for quick and smooth pulling
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty vehicle

Bottom-Line: After reading the warn winch review, you should know, the M12000 from Warn is a sweet choice because of its 4.6 powerful HP motor. Not only that, the ropes of this can be extended to about 125 feet!

5. Best Versatile Pick: WARN Zeon Platinum Winch

WARN ZEON Platinum Winch
Product Specifications:
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Product weight: 69.4 pounds
  • Rope: Spydura Synthetic Rope
  • Rated Line Pull: 10,000 lbs

Do you want a premium-level performance and experience in a winch? Buddy, you do not have to look any further.

The Zeon Platinum 10-S is the combo of both elegance and A-grade operation. It has a design that guarantees swift and effortless installation. Thus, enabling you to fix the item on any vehicle in no time.

Also, its versatility is one of the amazing benefits of the product. You see, its synthetic cables are sufficient enough to pull approximately 10,000 pounds and super-effective motors.
Thus, starting from an off-road truck to SUV to a conventional sedan, the winch is compatible with most of them.

Besides, the item is innovative. It contains a measuring unit to regulate and check the motor temperature and speed. Hence, making sure that the device is not working too hard, resulting in premature wear of the ropes or malfunction of the system. 

Good Sides:
  • You can operate the winch with a remote controller
  • Made from Spydura synthetic rope that grants the cable exceptional longevity and sturdiness
  • Installing it is easy
  • It contains a USB charger and an adapter
  • Very expensive

Bottom-Line: The Zeon platinum 10-S is a very flexible winch that can be controlled with a remote controller. And the Spydura synthetic rope used in the construction really makes the product perform finely.

6. Best Affordable Warn Winch: WARN M8000 Series Winch

WARN M8000 Series Winch
Product Specifications:
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Product weight: 83 pounds
  • Rope: Spydura Synthetic Rope
  • Rated Line Pull: 8,000 lbs

The M8000 from Warn is the ideal item if you want something that offers you several perks at a reasonable price. It comes with a 100 feet synthetic cable that can pull anything within 8,000 pounds.

Along with that, the thing comes with rubberized grips for its remote control. Thus, providing you with straightforward pulling prowess and enables you to hold the controller without any issue. 

In addition to all these, the product has a Thia swift motor system for fast and effortless pulling.

Good Sides:
  • Affordable pricing
  • It comes with a 100 feet cable that can withstand a maximum of 8,000 pounds
  • Installing the object is an easy task
  • Well-designed remote control for effortless and comfortable operation
  • Not ideal for more rigorous functionalities

Bottom-Line: This product over here is perfect for use in sedans and SUVs with its 8,000 pounds pulling capacity and 100 feet cable.

7. Best Extreme Duty Winch: WARN 68801 16.5ti Series Thermometric Winch

WARN 68801 16.5ti Series Heavy-Duty Winch
Product Specifications:
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Product weight: 134 pounds
  • Rope: Steel Cable
  • Rated Line Pull: 16,500 lbs

There is no other warn winch that is as heavy as this one. You should know, of all the warn winch reviews in this section, this is the optimum choice for heavy-duty usage.

Do you want to know why? Well, firstly, it has an extreme pulling capability of 16,500 pounds thanks to its steel cable.

Besides that, its superb, efficient motor and gear system allows the unit to pull an object without any issue.

And its excellent braking feature makes sure that the merch gives you the best control when using it.

Lastly, it is designed for longevity and comes with a smooth and chip-and-wear resistance for improving the lives of the rope.

Good Sides:
  • Durable and long-lasting build
  • It offers a massive 16,500-pound pulling capacity
  • Features chip-nick-and-wear resistance for superior life of the rope
  • Easy to operate
  • Straightforward installation
  • Very costly

Bottom-Line: This winch over here is quite unique with its 16,500 pounds pulling capacity. You can use this to drag basically any kind of vehicle. If you have some extra cash in your pocket, then we highly recommend this.

Considerations While Buying Warn Winch

There are some considerations that you have to make while buying Warn winch. We will be talking about them in this section.

Hydraulic vs. Electric

The power source is the prime difference between a hydraulic and electric winch. In order to install a hydraulic winch, you have to utilize the vehicle's PTO system.

To connect the electrical winch, you have to link it to your car's battery or electrical system.

The advantage of using a hydraulic winch is that it provides an unlimited supply of energy. This is done by the hydraulic power pump. The installation of this kind of item is a bit complicated.

On the other hand, electric ones are very easy to install, and there are many kinds of models of them. But a big disadvantage of this type of thing is that the electrical system of your transport would be put under a strain.


This is an essential factor that you must consider. If a winch is very heavy, then the car might become off balance.

When you want a portable winch, be sure that it does not weigh a lot. This is because it will be harder to deploy.

You have to store this kind of winch in a low position so that you can easily reach out to it when needed.

Choice of Cable

Synthetic and steel cables are actually quite robust and strong. One thing about synthetic cable is that it gets damaged and can snap easily. Steel cables are far more robust.

But you should keep in mind; steel cables can add more weight and be dangerous if they snap. 

How to Use a Warn Winch?

Using a warn winch is no rocket science, and in these few steps, you shall become a master on how to use a Warn winch. So, without further ado, let us get going!

Step 1: Rig the Winch

Before we can start doing anything, the very first thing that we have to do is get the winch ready for the task.

And, to do that, you have first to connect the remote to the winch. After you are done, shift the controller to disengage mode. By doing that, you will be able to move the rope freely.

By the way, do not forget to wear gloves when you are pulling the ropes to avoid being cut by them.
Anyways, find a sturdy and unyielding anchor. Once you have, wrap the loops and belt to that and attach the hook of the winch to it. Check if the winch is taught by switching it back.

After that, press on the controller in the direction you want the winch to pull.

Step 2: Hop in the Car

Even if the winch is in place, it will not be able to pull the car out. So, what should you do? Get in your vehicle, start it up, put it in gear, and rev. The winch will require this additional force from the car to get itself out of that particular messy spot.

Step 3: Undo the Warn Winch

Once your car is out, move to the controller and shift the switch again to free spool. Then, unhook the cable from the anchor and then click on the reverse. On doing that, the cable will rewind and go back to its original spot.

How to Wire a Warn Winch?

It would help if you had a proper understanding in order to wire a Warn winch correctly.

Step 1: Gathering All the Materials

You will not be able to wire a winch if you don't have the following things:

  • Battery
  • Fasteners
  • Winch line
  • Fairlead
  • Electrical Cables
  • Remote
  • Mounting Hardware

Step 2: Identifying Wires

Every wire is a different color so that you know which one is what. You will find the earth cables on the bull bar.

Step 3: Attaching Wires

You will need to connect the positive wire from the control box to its partner. Repeat the same thing with the negative wire. You also have the option to attach the positive wire towards the end of the process to the battery.

Step 4: Run the Winch

Now, in order for your winch to get adequate electricity for a smooth operation, you must run the winch off the cranking battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Free Spool a Warn Winch?

Ans: At first, put on thick leather gloves so that your hands are protected. Then to enable free spooling of the winch to occur, you have to free the clutch; your battery capability would be saved by free spooling.

Now, from the anchor point, unfasten the winch hook. Then you have to attach it to a hook band.

Once the anchor point has been established, attach the choker chain around a solid thing close to you.

Q. How to Test Warn Winch Solenoid?

Ans: You have to see the connection of the cable which is connected to the battery from the winch solenoid. If needed, replace the cable.

Then you have to disengage the positive cable, and then the solenoid cover has to be unscrewed. You have to turn the winch off and then connect a voltmeter to the huge studs installed in the solenoid.

Check the meter reading once with the winch off and then on. With the winch on, the OHM reading should be none.

Now you have to check the reading of the small two studs. There should be reading; otherwise, it means the solenoid isn't working.

Q. Where Is the Serial Number on a Warn Winch?

Ans: The serial number of a Warn winch is present on the gear housing side. The case is true in most cases.

Q. What Grease to Use in a Warn Winch?

Ans: You should use the AEROSHALL Grease 17 with a Warn winch. This is entirely synthetic grease. It has 5% molybdenum disulphide.

Q. Is Warn the Best Winch?

Ans: Warn is really the best winch, and it is quite a famous producer of a winch. They are popular because they have a variety of products and all of them are made of good quality material. Not only that, they are pretty long-lasting as well.

Q. Who Builds Warn Winches?

Ans: The parent company of Warn Industries is LKQ Corporation. Their business is to manufacture things, and they have over 500 employees.

Q. How to Lubricate a Winch?

Ans: You have to apply the grease to the teeth and shaft of it with a paintbrush. If the gears contain bearings, you must lubricate that as well.

Q. How Long Will a Warn Winch Last You?

Ans: A Warn winch would usually last you about 10 years. After that, you have to get it replaced.

Final Words

If you have come this far, you should have a clear understanding of why Warn is such a renowned company when it comes to winches. We hope you have found the best warn winch from this article for your needs.

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