5 Best Tuff Stuff Winches Reviews In 2023 – Top Models Explored

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If you’re someone who did all his homework on winches, you probably know that the winches from Tuff Stuff are sturdy, durable and comes with high-end features. However, you need to be extra careful in choosing the right one though.

You see, even though the brand speaks quality, not all of the winches from the giant can fill your cup. There are still some winches that can break your bank and still you won’t get the feature you are expecting.

To make sure you don’t get your hands on the wrong Tuff Stuff winch, we’re here with the best Tuff Stuff winch reviews. All you need to do is go through them and take your pick. So, how about we take you to a spin?

Top 5 Best Tuff Stuff Winches Reviewed

Let's check out the specs and features of our selected tuff stuff winches. Make sure you thoroughly read the article to find out the best one for your own vehicle.

1. Best Overall: Tuff Stuff TS-12500 Xtream Winch

Tuff Stuff TS-12500 Xtream Winch
Product Specification:
  • Motor: 6.65 Horsepower
  • Rope Type: Synthetic/Steel Cable
  • Item Weight: 92 lbs
  • Rope Diameter: 88-foot
  • Remote Included: Yes (Wired/Wireless)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 12,500 Pounds

Dragging heavy loads or vehicles will be extremely tiring and challenging unless you have the Tuff Stuff TS-12500-XT. With a single rated pulling line, the gorilla has got a wound series 6.65 HP motor, making it suitable for every type of vehicle, from cars to trucks.

Tuff stuff has got your back if you find it tough to operate a winch thoroughly; we'd like to give thanks to the manufacturer for offering both wireless and wired remote control systems.

So when you're much closer to your machine, use the wired one, and when you're maintaining a great distance, feel free to utilize the wireless remote.

Raining or snowing? No problem, you can keep your Tuff Stuff winch protected from harsh conditions with the help of an extra cover that the maker will provide additionally.

And yes, the champ right here is 100% waterproof as well!

The unique part is that Tuff Stuff is friendly with both synthetic and steel cables, meaning you have the freedom to select your favorite one depending on your needs. But the length of the wire should be 88-foot max.

And the wow factor? It can smoothly drag or lift up to 12,500 pounds of weight, making it overall best for almost everyone!

Good Sides:

  • Able to take 12,500lbs due to its powerful motor
  • Can be operated by both wired and wireless remote
  • Waterproof frame and offers a waterproof cover additionally
  • Compatible with both synthetic and steel cable for users' convenience
  • Installation will be easy-peasy and less time-consuming


  • Kind of bulky due to its 92lbs weight!

Verdict: The 6.65 hp motor, dual remote control system, and durable construction make the Tuff Stuff TS-12500-XT great for all!

2. Best for UTV & ATV: Tuff Stuff ‎TS-4500-XT Winch

Tuff Stuff TS-4500-XT Winch
Product Specification:
  • Motor: 1.3 Horsepower
  • Rope Type: Synthetic
  • Item Weight: 18.0lbs
  • Remote Included: Yes (Wireless)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 4,500 Pounds

The universal winch plate with a combination of hawse fairlead is what makes the Tuff Stuff TS-4500-XT unique. we have found it very effective, especially for lifting up UTV, ATV, or other such vehicles.

Starting from the power, TS-4500-XT comes in a 1.3 HP motor that helps you drag heavy loads without much effort. Talking about the cable, you're getting a lightweight, flexible, and tough-to-break synthetic rope that's strong enough.

With its assistance, the winch can easily lift up to 4,500 lbs. And yes, you can control it in your own way through the wireless remote control system, thankfully!

The IP68 waterproof design is something users want to get with their winches. Considering your needs, the makers have included this wonderful feature in this winch, for which it can resist harsh weather conditions.

And we liked the weight it packs. It's just about 18.0 pounds, and more interestingly, the installation process is going to be nothing but a piece of cake! 

Good Sides:

  • IP68 waterproof design keeps your winch safe in harsh conditions
  • Can drag 4,500 lbs with the high-quality synthetic rope
  • Lightweight structure and can be installed with ease
  • Hawse fairlead along with the universal winch plate maximizes functionality


  • Might not be the best one for pulling truck or such huge vehicles!

Verdict: Tuff Stuff ‎TS-4500-XT features IP68 waterproof design to keep your winch always protected in extreme weather. And this is what we liked most about this power tool.

3. Best Multi-Functional: Tuff Stuff TS-12500XT-SYN Winch

Tuff Stuff TS-12500XT-SYN Winch
Product Specification:
  • Motor: 6.65 Horsepower
  • Rope Type: Synthetic/Steel Cable
  • Item Weight: 69lbs
  • Remote Included: Yes (Wired/Wireless)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 12,500 Pounds

So, are you able to spend a little more to get a versatile winch? If yes, then we'll make sure the TS-12500XT-SYN from Tuff Stuff can fulfill your demands!

The very first thing we loved about this powerhouse is the superior 6.65 HP wound series motor it comes with. Compared to the traditional winches out there, it's more powerful and capable of pulling heavy loads.

Additionally, the maker has used high-quality rubber seals, protecting the motor from mud, snow, water, or other such things while winching.

Although this winch is specially manufactured with premium-quality synthetic rope, there is a great chance of using steel cable if you really want. So, it's pretty clear that Tuff Stuff is compatible with both steel roller and aluminum hawse.

No need to be worry even if you've to deal with muddy or watery surfaces; the makers have made this power tool waterproof, ensuring optimal performance.

And for better control, they also didn't forget about including the effective remote control system. Surprisingly, you can either use the wired or wireless one depending on your needs and comfort!

Good Sides:

  • Works like a beast due to the powerful 6.65 HP motor
  • Waterproof design with a waterproof cover included
  • Rubber seals keep the motor protected from mud, water, and snow
  • Offers both wired and wireless remote control system for easy operation


  • Motor sometimes creates a bit of loud noise while winching!

Verdict: The high-quality rubber seals play a significant role in protecting the motor of Tuff Stuff TS-12500XT-SYN from water, mud, or such things.

4. Best for Heavy Truck: Tuff Stuff Extreme 17500 Winch

Tuff Stuff Extreme 17500 LB Winch
Product Specification:
  • Motor: 7.0 Horsepower
  • Rope Type: Aircraft-grade Steel cable
  • Item Weight: 137lbs
  • Rope Diameter: 85-foot
  • Remote Included: Yes (Wireless)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 17,500 pounds

Spending some extra bucks on a winch will be required if you're hungry for the one with the highest load capacity. In this case, our suggestion is to go with the extreme winch from Tuff Stuff, designed for lifting up all types of vehicles.

So let it be heavy trucks, jeeps, UTV, cars, or anything else, Extreme Winch has the maximum capability of pulling no less than 17,500 pounds of weight, making it one of the strongest ones on our list.

To make it more user-friendly, team Tuff Stuff has made it completely waterproof. And guess what? Along with the waterproof design, you're getting an additional cover so that you can protect the motor from watery substances.

Did we give you any information about the motor? Okay, then let's show you the best feature of this nuclear bomb!

It has got a 7.0 HP wound series motor with a combination of a 3-stage gear system to take your winching experience to a whole new level! That's probably the reason why it's extremely powerful, and at the same time, a bit pricey.

Aircraft-grade steel cable is included with the winch that comes in a length of about 85-foot. we are pretty sure this will be more than enough to drag any type of load. What's more? A roller fairlead (four-way), snatch block (ten-ton), and a wireless remote is included for ensuring the best performance.

Good Sides:

  • Superior motor aids in pulling the maximum loads
  • Waterproof design makes the winch user-friendly
  • 3-stage gear system improves the overall performance
  • Wireless remote control helps you operate everything with ease
  • Rope is of aircraft-grade steel for more stability


  • It's Costly!
  • 137 pounds of weight makes it bulky!

Verdict: Tuff Stuff Extreme Winch assists you in dealing with all situations through its heavy-duty motor and super-effective steel cable.

5. Best Budget: Tuff Stuff Econo 10,000 lbs Recovery Winch

Tuff Stuff Econo 10,000 lbs Recovery Winch
Product Specification:
  • Motor: 5.8 horsepower
  • Rope Type: Steel cable
  • Item Weight: 69.8lbs
  • Remote Included: Yes (wired)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 10,000 pounds

Are you not interested in spending a pretty penny on a Tuff Stuff winch? Then have a look at the the Econo 10,000 lbs Recovery Winch that's going to give a lot of essential things at an affordable price range. Check the features out for more information.

First off, it has got a wound series 5.8 HP motor that's a lot more effective than the traditional winches. With the help of it, you can effectively drag your ATV or cars from a ditch or hole. But the weight of your vehicle should be less than 10,000lbs.

Control the winch in the way you want through the wired remote that equips a cable of 12-ft. On top of that, the high-quality steel cable will definitely come in handy in terms of holding heavy loads. Needless to say, the rope is quite flexible, reliable, and it won't kink or curl too soon.

But honestly, we didn't find the clutch handle much effective! It's made of flimsy plastic, which is why you may have to replace it with the new one if you think you need something more durable.

Besides, the motor creates unnecessary noise at times, especially when you're running the winch for a couple of hours without stopping. But if you're in need of a cheap model, we think you should go for it considering its powerful motor and top-ratted steel cable. 

Good Sides:

  • Offers you a powerful wound series motor for pulling up to 10,000lbs
  • Includes a wired remote to control the winch like an expert
  • Has a steel cable that won't curl or kink so early
  • Comes at a fair price to meet your budget


  • Noisy motor makes the winching task a little annoying!
  • Clutch handle is of poor quality!

Verdict: Tuff Stuff TS-10000-EC provides you a durable motor, sturdy steel rope, a wired remote with a 12-ft cable, and an average load capacity at a pretty cheap rate!

Tuff Stuff Winch Installation Instructions

Installing a Tuff Stuff winch might seem tough to many of you, but trust me, it's not rocket since! Make sure you just follow the tuff stuff winch installation instructions thoroughly we've mentioned below:

  • First off, you need to unspool the entire cable before you start the installation process. For this step, you may need to call your friend to unspool. Also, don't forget to take a quick snap of the rope before you unspool it, as it'll help you spool it once again. Although unspooling the cable isn't a must, we'd prefer doing it to make the installation easier.
  • When you're done uncoiling, mount the Tuff Stuff winch above the bumper or the place you want to install. Then, find the recess inside the winch body, and place the jam nuts.
  • Once you thoroughly set up the jam nuts, it's time for the bolts to be established. Place the bolts in the opposite direction (under the bumper) and tighten them as much as possible. Now, your winch is set on the bumper.
  • Let's connect the ground wire of the winch with your vehicle. Be sure to connect the wire separately to the motor, as the solenoid will share this same ground with the main ground of the vehicle. But, if you can't set up the ground properly, you can call an expert or a friend.
  • After you are done wiring and bolting up, you are ready to fire up! But wait… There's no switch, right? Yes, to plug in the switch, you have to find the recess of the winch, and after you plug it in, you are all set!

How To Wire A Tuff Stuff Winch?

Wiring the winch is easy and fun if you're able to perform the task correctly. But try to be very careful, otherwise, you may damage your winch. Here are some tips and tricks to do that:

  • To avoid uneven coiling, you should pull the Tuff Stuff winch by staying a little bit far away from it before you activate the switch.
  • Engage the clutch lever so that it can restrict the movement of the winch drum. Now, turn on the switch after you're done plugging the remote controller.
  • After that, start re-spooling the cable as slowly as you can. It'd be better if you call someone for help for which your spooling can be done right. Otherwise, you alone may not handle the remote controller and the winch both at the same time.
  • Guide the ropes using your hands so that it doesn't overlap. Also, track the progress of whether the rope is fitted tightly or not. Finally, you'll get strong wraps around the drum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who built the Tuff Stuff winch?

Indeed, this fantastic winch company is created by "Tuff Stuff 4x4." We liked their products so much since they offer some wonderful winches at a fair price range.

Not only winches, but this company has made some other power equipment for as well off-road adventurers, including rooftop tents, bumpers, air compressors, camping gear, and a lot of winch accessories.

Why Tuff Stuff winches are so popular?

Tuff Stuff offers some of the quality winches that are well-known for their impressive quality and performance.

In fact, most of their winches are well-equipped with powerful motors, durable ropes, and, more importantly, optimum load capacity to meet your requirements. That's probably the main reason behind their popularity!

Are Tuff Stuff winches pricey?

It all depends on which model you actually get yourself. There are a number of Tuff Stuff winches available in the shop which pack a higher range of price tag.

But don't worry, you can also find some other choices which won't hurt your pocket! These are budget-friendly.

Which one should I get if budget is my first concern?

Ensure to get your hands on the Tuff Stuff TS-10000-Econo if you're tight on cash. But the load capacity and overall performance won't be that much satisfying if you're looking for a cheap model, keep in mind!

Are Tuff Stuff winches long-lasting?

In our opinion, every type of power tool should be operated with proper care, doesn't matter it's a winch or anything else. So our answer is going to be pretty clear – if you take proper care of your Tuff Stuff winch, then yes it's long-lasting and might last for 5-10 years.

Final Verdict!

Customer satisfaction is the first priority of the brand "Tuff Stuff." That’s why their winches have almost all the nooks and crannies you need to make your off-road journey safer and more enjoyable!

So we hope you enjoyed the Best Tuff Stuff winch reviews and already made a decision about your final purchase. But if not, then go with the Tuff Stuff TS-12500-XT since it’s well-equipped with sturdy construction, a waterproof frame, and a lot of power.

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