5 Best Champion Winches Reviews and Buyer’s Guide In 2023

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When it comes to the best winches, Champion has made it to the top for obvious reasons. The giant has been producing mind-boggling winches for years. if you do your research, their products are getting all the upgrades.

Now, with all the new winches on the loose, it can be quite tough for you to get the best champion winch since almost all of them have got high-end features. However, when it comes to affordability, not all of them will pass your test.

Keeping the durability, strength, and of course affordability in mind, we’ve rounded up 5 winches in our Champion winch reviews. So, if you want to grab your Champion, it’s time to dive in.

What Are the Best Champion Winches in 2023?

If you need to make a quick decision and let's talk about the most noticeable features of our selected products as briefly as possible:

1. Best for Truck: Champion 10000 lb Winch

“The superior 3.6 HP motor is what makes it stand out from the crowd! Besides, the galvanized steel aircraft helps you lift the maximum weight possible, doesn’t matter whether it’s a truck or anything heavier.”

2. Best for ATV: Champion 2000 lb Winch

“Anyone can create a smooth and comparatively safe pulling with the assistance of roller fairlead as well as the premium-quality steel cable. If you’re tight on cash, you better go with this one for your ATV since the price range is fair enough!”

3. Best for UTV: Champion 3500 lb Winch

“The flexible synthetic rope is relatively large in diameter, enabling you to drag or pull your UTV from a great distance. Apart from that, the winch weighs no more than 18.3 pounds for easy and hassle-free installation.”

4. Recommended for Cars: Champion 4000 lb Winch

“Controlling the winch is going to be fun due to the 3-stage gear system, ergonomic handlebar, and free-spooling clutch. And when it comes to safety, the Champion 4000 lb features a dynamic braking system, turning the winch off right away in emergency cases.”

5. Versatile Pick: Champion 4500 lb Winch

“To help you control the device in the best way possible, this model offers you a wireless remote that works pretty well. On top of that, the top-notch 1.6 HP motor with a better combination of super-duty galvanized steel is what makes it multi-functional and ideal for numerous types of vehicles.”

In-Depth Reviews of The 5 Best Champion Winches

Let's check out the in-depth reviews of our handpicked choices below to get the right one for you with their goodsides and drawbacks.

1. Best for Truck: Champion 10000 Lb Winch

Champion 10000 lbs Truck Winch
Technical Specifications:
  • Motor: 3.6 Horsepower
  • Rope Type: Galvanized Steel Aircraft
  • Line Speed: 15.7 fpm (zero load) and 3.9 fpm (max load)
  • Rope Length: 85-feet
  • Remote Included: Yes (Handheld)
  • Item Weight: 85 lbs
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 10,000 lbs

Undoubtedly, the Champion 10,000 lb winch is a powerhouse you should get yourself, especially if you’re looking for the best winch for your truck.

The first thing that makes it a “real beast” is the high-quality 3.6 HP motor. With its assistance, it’s highly able to take up to 10,000 pounds of load.

And we just loved the roller fairlead designed to create a smoother and safer pulling through a heavy-duty aircraft steel rope.

Talking about the line speed, it offers 3.9 fpm with a maximum load and 15.7 fpm with zero loads.

To help you get the best winching experience, the manufacturer of this model has included a handheld remote control (fast-connect) along with a clutch (free-spooling).

So, considering everything, we think getting the Champion 10,000 lb might be your best decision since it’s loaded with all the best qualities you need, from extreme power to versatility. It’s our personal favorite! 

Good Sides:

  • It comes with a high-end motor
  • It offers you maximum functionality
  • Can pull and take heavy loads
  • Creates safer pulling through the superior roller fairlead
  • Handheld remote control assists in offering the best winching experience


  • Installation might be time-consuming at times!

2. Best for ATV: Champion 2000 lb Winch

Champion 2000 lb Winch
Technical Specifications:
  • Motor: 1.0 Horsepower
  • Line Speed: 10.5 fpm (no load) and 3.3 fpm (max load)
  • Type of Rope: Galvanized Steel Aircraft
  • Rope Diameter: 49-feet
  • Remote Included: Yes
  • Item Weight: 18.35 lbs
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 2,000 Pounds

When it comes to pulling an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), a winch with decent load capacity will be just enough for you. That’s why we’ve got this model of Champion designed to drag or pull small vehicles without much effort.

This little bomb right here, speaking of the power, has got a 1.0 HP DC motor, which isn’t that powerful compared to our previous pick; however, it’s 100% capable of dragging your small-sized vehicle from a quagmire or ditch.

So this model can help you out if the weight of your ATV is between 1,000 to 2,000 lbs.

The line speed will be 10.5 fpm (feet per minute) with the lowest load and 3.3 fpm with the highest load. And guess what? The Champion features a mounting channel along with a remote control system to help you operate the device way easily.

For more convenience, the efficient roller fairlead creates a hassle-free and safe pulling with the help of galvanized steel cable that is more capable of withstanding abrasive terrains. Impressive eh?

The wow factor? You can get the Champion 2,000 lb without breaking your bank since it’s one of the most inexpensive ones around the current market! And it’s so surprising that you’re getting tons of great features at an exceedingly cheap rate!

Good Sides:

  • It helps you control the device with ease through the remote control system
  • Aids in creating a smooth pulling with the roller fairlead
  • Able to resist abrasive terrains through its strongest steel cable
  • Most inexpensive one on our champion winch review


  • Not compatible with large-sized vehicles due to the load capacity!

3. Best for UTV: Champion 3500 lb Winch

Champion 3500 lb Winch
Technical Specifications:
  • Motor: 1.4 Horsepower
  • Line Speed: 3.3 fpm (max load) and 9.8 fpm (no load)
  • Rope Type: Synthetic
  • Rope Diameter: 50-feet
  • Remote Included: Yes
  • Item Weight: 18.3 lbs
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 3500 Pounds

Slightly expensive than the previous one, the Champion 3500 lb winch has the ability to save your UTV from getting stuck on a ditch or big holes. Thanks to its 3,500lbs load capacity.

This one features flexible, high-quality, and the strongest synthetic rope to drag or pull your vehicle in the best way possible. The hawse fairlead adds extra convenience in terms of pulling UTV.

Interestingly, the cable it gets is splinter-free, comparatively lightweight, and won’t curl, fray or kink.

Controlling the winch will be nothing but a snap; the maker of this model provides an extra remote to you, for which you can operate the winch in your own way.

Besides, you’ll be able to get the best winching experience on account of the free-spooling clutch.

Did we mention anything about the motor? Well, the Champion has got a 1.4 HP DC motor that boosts 9.8 fpm of line speed (zero loads) and 3.3 fpm with maximum load. And we think it’ll be just enough to save your UTV or such vehicles like a pro!

So, get a champion 3,500 lb winch and keep yourself well-prepared to deal with every situation! 

Good Sides:

  • 1.4 HP motor to lift up to 3,500 lbs smoothly
  • Able to drag UTV with its top-notch synthetic rope
  • The device can be operated with ease through the remote
  • Relatively light in weight and installation requires less effort


  • The motor sometimes appears to be so noisy!

4. Recommended for Car: Champion 4000 lb Winch 

Champion 4000 lb Winch
Technical Specifications:
  • Motor: 1.4 Horsepower
  • Line Speed: 12.8 fpm (no load) and 3.3 fpm (max load)
  • Rope Type: Galvanized Steel Aircraft
  • Rope Diameter: 49-foot
  • Item Weight: 25.8 lbs
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 4,000 Pounds

Let’s make the “car pulling task” a breeze with the Champion 4000 lb winch. The powerful 1.4 HP motor lets you lift a variety of different vehicles, including a trailer, boat, ATV, private car, and so on.

Its 49-foot galvanized steel rope allows you to perform your task with precision and efficiency. Unlike the typical cables, it’s less prone to curl and fry, even after utilizing it in abrasive terrains like sand, rock, or mud.

And trust me, you will feel more comfortable while controlling the power tool; the credit goes to the 3-stage gear system, ergonomic handlebar, and free-spooling clutch.

The winch has got you covered if safety is what you prioritize most; the maker of this model packs an effective dynamic braking system, allowing you to turn the power off in no time while needed. The roller fairlead adds extra safety for pulling cars and other vehicles.

Weighing only about 25.8 lbs, you won’t have to work hard to install the winch on your car. It takes just a little time as well, making it user-friendly.

But unfortunately, we have found the controller button a little boring; users need to press so hard from time to time to operate the device. So our suggestion is to replace the button with a new one (if possible) to run the winch more comfortably.

Good Sides:

  • The loading capacity makes it ideal for numerous cars and vehicles
  • 3-stage gear system with a free-spooling clutch improves efficiency
  • A dynamic braking system helps you maintain proper safety while operating
  • Lightweight and can be installed pretty quickly


  • The controller button requires hard pressing!

5. Versatile Pick: Champion 4500 lb Winch

Champion 4500 lb Winch
Technical Specifications:
  • Motor: 1.6 Horsepower
  • Line Speed: 4.6 fpm (highest load) and 12.8 fpm (no load)
  • Rope Type: Super-duty Galvanized Steel
  • Rope Diameter: 38-feet
    Remote Included: Yes (Wireless)
  • Item Weight: 19.7 lbs
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 4500 Pounds

Right now, we are going to wrap up the list with a multi-functional winch from Champion.

Thanks to its effective remote control system, it helps you run the device smoothly from a distance of nearly 50-feet.

And guess what? The winch turns off automatically when you aren’t using it. So when it comes to saving some extra energy from your vehicle’s battery, this feature comes in handy!

The 1.6 HP superior motor includes a 12.8 fpm of line speed with zero loads and 4.6 fpm with the highest load.

On top of that, the winch provides a super-duty galvanized steel rope that’s more durable and capable of withstanding all terrains without even curling or fraying.

Don’t worry about safety; the roller fairlead is designed for smooth pulling, and the unique dynamic braking system assists you in turning the power off immediately while required!

What about the installation? Well, thankfully, it isn’t going to be a difficult task at all! The manufacture gives you complete instruction on wiring, making the whole task easier and quicker for both experts and beginners.

Additionally, you’re getting a 3-stage gear system, handlebar switch, and a free-spooling clutch with the Champion 4500 lb winch. They’ll be just enough to improve your overall performance. 

Good Sides:

  • It offers a wireless remote control for operating the device way smartly
  • Dynamic braking system stops the device straight away when needed
  • It can be installed easily
  • Offers complete instruction on wiring for easy installation


  • Motor creates unnecessary noise at times!
  • The cable of the controller seems shorter!

Why Should You Go for Champion?

As the name suggests, this brand has all the top qualities required to be a real “CHAMPION!”

Hands down, the Champion Power Equipment has earned great value for designing tons of power equipment, especially the winch. This brand has a lot of experience delivering some durable, reliable, and powerful products engineered in North America and the United States. 

Offers Numerous Power Tools

Along with the winches, today’s Champion has manufactured some more power equipment to make your life easier and even better, including engines, log splitters, portable generators, inverter generators, and many more.

Gives You High-Quality Winches!

You may ask us – Are Champion winches the best? Our answer is a clear yes. From affordability to functionality, it has almost everything you’re looking for.

Jaw-dropping Specifications

Most of the Champion winches we’ve got here are well-equipped with a wired/wireless remote control system, free-spooling clutch, a dynamic braking system for safety, synthetic/galvanized steel cable, and most importantly, excellent load capacity.

Affordable Price Range

There is no doubt that Champion winches are relatively inexpensive compared to the other popular winch brands, which is why it’s our “all-time favorite” brand.

Despite having various unique specs, the Champion brand allows you to purchase their winches without hurting your wallet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it tough to install a winch?

It depends. You will find some models around the shop which are a little challenging to install, and they sometimes take a couple of hours to get fully assembled.

But no worries, there are some other models too which offer additional wiring instructions for easy-peasy installation.

Read Winch Installation Guide:

Should I use a pair of gloves to operate my winch?

them on while operating, especially when you need to hold the wire cables.

Is a 2,000 lbs winch considered small for lifting up trucks?

Yes, a 2,000 lbs winch is too small if you wonder about pulling or dragging a massive truck. Since a truck is one of the bulkiest vehicles, it’s a must to get a winch with more than 9000 lbs loading capacity.

Are Champion winches costly?

We don’t think so! In fact, Champion seems more affordable compared to Warn and some other high-end brands.

The interesting fact is that Champion offers many top-quality winches loaded with durability, functionality, and extreme power. And guess what? These types of models can be found at a reasonable range.

Which one should I get if budget is my first concern?

If you are on a tight budget and a winch with decent load capacity can fill your cup, you better go with the Champion 2000 lb Winch. In fact, it’s one of the bests, if not the best, the choice for ATV and small-sized vehicles!

Final Verdict!

The purpose of writing the best Champion winch reviews was only to give you a premium-quality winch that can meet all your requirements, and of course, your budget.

As you can see, the list is pretty short, and that’s only for your convenience so that you can get the best one with little effort.

However, if you ask me which one deserves a gold medal, we’d say it’s the Champion 10000 lb Winch due to its extreme power of lifting up massive loads!

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