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7 Best 9500 Lb Winches Reviews and Recommendations In 2023

We all know how difficult it is to tow our cars out of trapped terrain using another heavy vehicle. Most of the time, it ends up damaging both vehicles during the process. So, what's a safer and easier way to get your car out of such a mess? All you need is to get the best 9500 lb winch with a robust rope.

A good-quality winch will help you safely tow your vehicle without any risk of damaging the vehicle or yourself. Moreover, the device lasts for a long time and offers great versatility, that too without breaking the bank.

If you're looking for some top-tier winches suitable for your vehicle, you're in luck today. Let's get introduced to the best 9500 pound winches available in the market and choose the right one for you.

Product Name

Why Best?

Motor Power

Rope type

Gear Ratio


1. OFF ROAD BOAR 9500 lbs Electric Winch

Best Overall


Synthetic or Steel


2. Rough Country PRO9500 Series Winch

Best High-Speed Efficient


Synthetic or Steel


3. Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Lb Winch

Upgraded Pick


Synthetic or Steel


4. ZESUPER 9500 lb Synthetic Rope Winch

Best for Price


Only Synthetic


5. WARN 87310 9.5xp Series Winch

Best Premium


Synthetic Spydura


6. Smittybilt Gen2 XRC 9500 Lb Winch

Best Budget


Only Steel


7. TYT T1 Series 9500 Lb Winch

Best Aesthetic


Synthetic or Steel


In-Depth Reviews of 7 Best 9500 Lb Winches

As all our picks are from the best-reviewed brands, you can choose any for reliable performance. Here you'll get winches at various price ranges with the best features. So without wasting much time, let's get right into the details.

1. Best Overall: OFF ROAD BOAR 9500 lbs Electric Winch

OFF ROAD BOAR 9500 lbs Electric Winch
Technical Specs:
  • Loading Capacity: 9,500 lbs
  • Winch Weight: 59.9 lbs
  • Rope Type: Synthetic or Steel
  • Winch Rope Length: 92 Feet
  • Fairlead Type: Hawse Fairlead
  • Motor Power: 5.5HP
  • Remote Type: Wired and Wireless

Whether you want power, durability, or versatility, this winch serves it all. Plus, OFF ROAD BOAR is one brand that packs all the impressive features at surprisingly affordable prices.

What we like most is the robust yet low-profile design of this winch. With a powerful 5.5HP series wound motor, this winch supports up to 9,500 lbs in line load capacity. It can easily pull at 6.4 ft per minute speed when fully loaded and 24.6 ft per minute while empty.

A hawse fairlead and free-spooling clutch are also provided to control the overall process with ease. Despite delivering such a powerful performance, the winch is compact, weighing around 60 lbs only.

Hence, you don't have to sacrifice speed on the road to carry it on your vehicle's back. For low-profile installation, the package includes a convertible contractor. So, you can always relocate it. Plus, this entire package is sealed to protect the winch from foreign elements.

Now, we don't know if you prefer synthetic or steel wire, but you'll be pleased to know that both these options are available for you. We have one tiny gripe, though. You need to spend a bit more to get your hands on the synthetic rope version.

As for the rope itself, both rope styles are top-notch, with abrasion resistance built. The 92' rope is thick enough to safely pull heavier loads. Plus, both the ropes have an improved anti-rotation feature. Hence, the chances of accidents are minimized. 

The winch also has an overload protection feature and load-holding brakes that work automatically. So, it's completely safe during power in and out. Altogether, this is probably the best 9500 lb winch with synthetic rope and stainless steel wire options.

Good Sides:

  • 5.5HP motor with Hawse fairlead supports stress-free load recovery
  • Compact, low-profile, and easy to carry
  • Fast line speed with 92' synthetic or steel rope
  • Sealed contractor offers versatile installation options
  • Overload protection and an automatic brake for safer pull


  • The wireless remote isn't the best
  • Causes some troubles while retreating the rope

2. Best High-Speed Efficient: Rough Country PRO9500 Series Winch

Rough Country PRO9500 Series Winch
Technical Specs:
  • Loading Capacity: 9,500 lbs
  • Winch Weight: 63.8 lbs (Synthetic Rope Version) & 82.8 lbs (Steel Rope Version)
  • Rope Type: Synthetic or Steel
  • Winch Rope Length: 85 or 100 Feet
  • Fairlead Type: Hawse Fairlead or 4-Way Roller Fairlead
  • Motor Power: 5.5HP
  • Remote Type: Wired 

Looking for that one brand that provides high-quality synthetic and stainless steel options? The Rough Country 9500 PRO lb winch will definitely meet your expectations. It's waterproof, energy-saving, and high-powered to deliver the best performance in any situation.

Let's talk about the synthetic rope version first. The 85 ft synthetic rope is 3/8" thick and evenly woven to improve integrity. Plus, it circles back into a hawse fairlead, ensuring a safe and smooth pulling performance. Although the synthetic rope version is a bit short, it weighs only 63.8 lbs making it easier to control and carry.

Want a stronger and longer version? Then you should choose the 3/8" x 100 ft steel cable that rolls into a 4-way roller fairlead. It has an abrasion- and weather-proof built, and the length is just perfect for almost any recovery task. If you're willing to sacrifice the weight, this would be a great choice for your off-road adventures.

Users also love the powerful 5.5HP motor that works well even under heavy pressure. The in-drum automatic braking system is another highlight of this winch. It prevents rollbacks during a power outage preventing chances of damage to your vehicle.

As this winch has an IP67 water- and dust-proof rating, we assume it will be perfect on muddy terrains and harsh weather conditions. However, since it runs on electricity, we don't recommend using this 9500 lbs winch in heavy rain or particularly wet conditions.

Good Sides:

  • Energy-saving and efficient 5.5HP 12V motor offers greater pull
  • Both synthetic and steel rope versions are durable
  • Auto brake system prevents rollbacks during power in and out
  • Remote control device with 12 ft range for smooth operation
  • Extensions like fairlead and clevis hook are provided


  • The synthetic rope is a bit short
  • Only suitable for specific vehicles

3. Upgraded Pick: Smittybilt XRC GEN3 9.5K Lb Winch

Smittybilt XRC GEN3 COMP Series winch
Technical Specs:
  • Loading Capacity: 9,500 lbs
  • Winch Weight: 73 lbs (Synthetic Rope
  • Version) & 83 lbs (Steel Rope Version)
  • Rope Type: Synthetic or Steel
  • Winch Rope Length: 94 Feet
  • Fairlead Type: Hawse Fairlead or 4-Way
  • Roller Fairlead
  • Motor Power: 7.0HP
  • Remote Type: Wired

You just can't miss out on Smittybilt while talking about the big fish winch brands. The brand is known for its unique winch designs and high-quality materials. Luckily, the Smittybilt XRC 9500 lb winch also delivers it all and more.

With a 7.0 HP amphibious motor, this one is probably the most powerful winch on our list and in the industry. Besides, the line speed is increased by 12%, reaching up to 7.5 ft per minute while fully loaded. This combination of speed and power makes it the user's favorite winch from Smittybilt.

We particularly like user-friendly features like the direction, temperature, and load indicator. This way, you are always informed about the risks beforehand so that you can take action accordingly.

Another unique feature is the Factor55 sealed connection point that replaces a clevis hook. It offers a better hold on the winching rope and a safer recovery operation. Thankfully, this winch is available in synthetic and steel rope styles. From what we have seen so far, users liked both versions and found them highly durable and capable.

Plus, the rope casings at each end of the wires provide better protection against abrasion. A stylish and effective body armor is also provided to enhance its look, safeguard the surface, and customize mounting options.

Thanks to the large lettering on the high-viz winch clutch, you can always check whether the lever is engaged or freely spooling. Both the remote control device and control pack feature a magnet mount so that you can easily attach them to any metal surface.

Finally, the remote control comes with a flashlight that allows you to easily perform the winching task during nighttime. If you want the best 9.5K lb winch, this is the one you should go for.

Good Sides:

  • 7.0 HP robust motor with 7.5 ft/min fast line speed
  • Precisely indicates winch directions, temperatures rise, and load bearings
  • Durable and strong 94' synthetic and stainless steel rope
  • Built-in flashlight to work in the dark
  • Stylish and protective body armor


  • Battery drains faster due to the flashlight
  • Heavy; has a large profile 

4. Best for Price: ZESUPER 9500 lb Synthetic Rope Winch

ZESUPER 9500 lb Synthetic Rope Winch
Technical Specs:
  • Loading Capacity: 9,500 lbs
  • Winch Weight: 60.6 lbs
  • Rope Type: Synthetic
  • Winch Rope Length: 100 Feet
  • Fairlead Type: Hawse Fairlead
  • Motor Power: 5.5HP
  • Remote Type: Wired and Wireless

Although ZESUPER is a more recent winch brand, it has already gained reliability due to its constant testing of the products and improved upgrades. With all its handy features, this 9,500 pound winch from the brand is affordable, stylish, multi-tasking, and most suitable for heavy-duty uses.

From all the customer reviews, it's pretty clear that users love this winch because it's super easy to install. The package includes all the necessary hardware and clean instructions. So, you can install it in just 20 minutes! Plus, all the bolts are manufactured for standard vehicles. No need for any drilling or trimming.

We found the 5.5HP motor to be less powerful than other models. However, it's pure copper, ensuring strength and durability. Besides, it has higher magnetic inductive melt point characteristics.

The motor draws less ampere and prevents heat dissipation. Hence, this energy-saving winch costs way less than other heavy-duty ones. We appreciate that it offers both wired and wireless remote control options, that too at such a pocket-friendly price. More impressively, it offers a 65 feet wireless range!

Despite having a less powered motor, the winch delivers smooth and powerful performance, thanks to the gear ratio. Plus, the 3-stage planetary gear improves the torque and offers better control over the device.

We think one of the best parts of this winch is the 100 ft synthetic rope. It's available in two different colors: Black and Orange. But that's not what makes it special. It's made of 12 finely woven strands, making it 10 times stronger than any steel rope.

However, it doesn't come with a stainless steel rope. So, if you prefer steel wires, we recommend going for other options.

Good Sides:

  • Comes with required bolts and brackets for easy installation
  • 5.5HP motor with 265:1 gear ratio delivers strong performance
  • 3-stage planetary gear offers better control
  • 100 ft synthetic rope with fine strands offers maximum strength
  • Comes with both wired and wireless remote control options 


  • No steel cable version available
  • The motor is a bit underpowered

5. Best Premium Pick: WARN 87310 9.5xp Series Winch

WARN 87310 9.5xp Series Winch
Technical Specs:
  • Loading Capacity: 9,500 lbs
  • Winch Weight: 68 lbs
  • Rope Type: Synthetic Spydura
  • Winch Rope Length: 100 Feet
  • Fairlead Type: Hawse Fairlead
  • Motor Power: 6.0HP
  • Remote Type: Wired

WARN is famous for its long lines of winches with unique designs and improved features. This WARN 9500 winch is weather-resistant, completely safe, and probably the most durable one from the brand.

Now, what makes it longer lasting than others? We give the credit to its robust construction. It has a cast steel body with a primer base and black powder coating. This high-gloss coat not only adds to the look of your vehicle but also prevents chips, scratches, weather abuses, and corrosion.

With such a strong construction, the winch stands up to off-road abuses for years. As for installation, customers found the instructions pretty accurate and the pre-wounded rope very helpful.

Although the package includes the necessary wires, we think it would have been better if WARN used colored wire endings to make the installation easier for beginners. Also, the wires don't have any protective cover. So, that might be a safety hazard.

A 6HP high-output parallel series wound along with the premium fairlead offers the fastest pulling speed of any WARN winch while fully loaded. The brand introduced an exclusive break design for this winch so that you have full control over the load during power in and out.

Talking of control, you also get a rubberized, weather-resistant remote with 12 feet range. However, there's no wireless control option available, and that's a bummer if you consider the higher price point of this winch.

We found the 100 ft Spydura synthetic rope pretty impressive as it can easily take heavier loads without breaking.

You also get a Neoprene-made cover that resists flapping and harmful UV rays. Plus, it safeguards the winch from road elements like dirt, stone, dust, etc.

Good Sides:

  • Pre-wounded rope and provided wires make installation easier
  • 6HP series wound motor, and planetary gear offers faster line speed
  • Exclusive braking system for full load support
  • 100 ft Spydura heavy-duty synthetic rope
  • Weather-proof protection cover


  • A little noisy under heavy load
  • Wires aren't protected, or color marked

6. Best Budget: Smittybilt Gen2 XRC 9500 Lb Winch

Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch
Technical Specs:
  • Loading Capacity: 9,500 lbs
  • Winch Weight: 78 lbs
  • Rope Type: Steel
  • Winch Rope Length: 94 Feet
  • Fairlead Type: 4-Way Roller Fairlead
  • Motor Power: 6.6HP
  • Remote Type: Wired

For our budget pick, we have the Smittybilt Gen2 XRC 9500 lb winch for Jeeps, SUVs, AUVs, and Trucks. Besides being affordable, the winch is versatile, thoroughly updated, and easy to install.

We like that it comes with a redesigned solenoid box that supports versatile mounting. You can mount the box in 3 different positions to make the device lower profile. Plus, the solenoid box is fully waterproof. Package includes the required hardware, wiring, and instructions for easy installation.

Another noticeable feature is the 94' steel rope is protected from abrasion, rust, and other environmental changes. It has a forged hook at the end for positive load support. Besides, you get a 4-way roller fairlead that provides the necessary support for the winch and fast line speed.

Unfortunately, there is no synthetic rope version available for this winch. Also, the steel rope makes the winch heavier, weighing 78 pounds. So, you might have to sacrifice your vehicle's mileage while carrying this winch.

As for the motor, it's a series wound motor with 6.6 Horsepower. Customers prefer series wound motors over the permanent magnetic ones as they are longer lasting and energy saving.

A sliding ring gear clutch moves smoothly and allows you to precisely control every step of the recovery process. With all its superior features, this winch is a bang for your bucks.

Good Sides:

  • 6.6HP motor with steel cable makes the winching process fast
  • Waterproof solenoid box offers versatile mounting options
  • Sliding ring gear clutch precisely controls the device
  • Roller fairlead and a forged hook provide positive load support
  • Easy to install with provided wires and hardware


  • No synthetic rope option available
  • The winch is heavy

7. Best Aesthetic: TYT T1 Series 9500 Lb Winch

TYT T1 Series 9500 lb Winch
Technical Specs:
  • Loading Capacity: 9,500 lbs
  • Winch Weight: 62.7 lbs
  • Rope Type: Synthetic or Steel
  • Winch Rope Length: 92 Feet
  • Fairlead Type: Hawse Fairlead
  • Motor Power: 5.5HP
  • Remote Type: Wired and Wireless

If you have a thing for aesthetics and reliable performance, this pick of ours will impress you. This 9500-lb winch from TYT T1 Series has a brand-new design with multiple unique accessories to make winching easier and faster.

As the winch boasts a 5.5HP series electric motor, you can easily pull 6,500 lbs or more. Yes, the load capacity is rated at 9,500 lbs, but you need to pick a winch with 1.5 times the capacity of the actual weight. The copper-made motor is strong and lasts for years.

Thanks to the newly designed control box, you get 20% to 30% more line speed reaching up to 6.4 ft/min when fully loaded. The 3-stage planetary gear works hand in hand with the efficient motor to maintain stability for a long period. Plus, it features a free-spooling clutch for precise control.

We particularly love the exterior of the winch. The design gives it a premium look, and a fully matte material effectively prevents dust, water, and other damaging elements. You can decide between the synthetic or steel rope version as per your preferences.

The 92' rope is long enough to safely complete the recovery task without damage. What makes it even better is you get a wireless remote control besides a wired one. So, you can launch the task while sitting inside your Jeep!

Good Sides:

  • Matte materials with waterproof and soundproof qualities
  • Premium design that enhances the look of your vehicle
  • 6.4ft per minute full load speed
  • Copper-made 5.5HP motor is highly efficient
  • Wireless and wired remote control devices are provided


  • Re-spooling can be a hassle
  • Gets noisy

Related FAQs

1. Do winches need maintenance?

Yes, it's important to properly maintain a winch if you want it to last longer. The regular maintenance routine includes oiling the rigs, properly lubricating the u-joints, and cleaning the exterior to eliminate dirt and marks.

Also, if you have a steel rope winch, use a suitable lubricant to protect it from unwanted rust and corrosion.

2. How long does a winch last?

It depends on how frequently you're using the winch and whether you maintain it properly or not. Typically, it will last up to 10 years if there isn't any severe damage.

Besides, each year the winch loses 1.5% weight capacity. Keep it safe from harmful UV rays, rainwater, cuts, and abrasion to ensure longer service life.

3. What happens when the winch is overloaded?

If a winch is overloaded, the load will remain stuck, and you won't be able to pull it off. This is when you stop putting any extra force and get a higher capacity winch to support the load.

Otherwise, the winch rope might break due to the extra stress. This is pretty uncommon for synthetic ropes. Be careful if you're using steel ropes for pulling extra loads.

4. Can I mount a winch upside down?

Yes, you can mount a winch upside down as it won't change the motor efficiency or weight capacity. However, be sure you have attached all the wires and straps correctly. A hanging strap or wire might cause unwanted accidents.

Final Verdict

As you already know the good sides and drawbacks of our picks, let's find out which is the best 9500 lb winch. As the OFF ROAD BOAR 9500 lbs delivers an overall satisfactory performance, it wins our top position.

The winch has a powerful motor with planetary gear for smooth winching. Multiple mounting options and waterproof construction make it highly durable and versatile. Plus, the 92' synthetic or steel ropes are super-strong.

To get the best value, go for the ZESUPER 9500 lbs Winch. It has some unique and handy features to make your switching task easier. Otherwise, Smittybilt Gen2 XRC will be a great budget pick.

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