Best 12000 Lb Winch Reviews of 2022 – Top 10 Models Compared

Yes, a winch is the best friend to be within an off-road journey. Now, the question is, should it be the one with robust pulling power or medium capacity? The load-hauling capacity of a winch entails serious considerations of several factors that discourage a straight and simple answer.

But if your off-track trip includes big boys like trucks, pick-ups, and the likes, a 12000 lb winch should be the preferred rescue option in an unexpected and uninvited off-terrain distress. That much pulling power is able to make a rapid recovery from a hostile condition.

But reaching the best 12000 lb winch is crucial for that which is not easy. The top-quality products you are after, stay surrounded by numerous low-quality products in the stores. That is where this article comes to your rescue. In fact, our team of experts, after hair-splitting research across the web, has made a rundown of 12000 lb winch reviews describing 10 units that will stand strong by you in your off-road disasters.

Therefore, even if you run a very busy daily routine, this article has made it smart and fast to reach the best 12000 pound winch. And you will not go wrong in the selection process because the buying guide is there to teach you about all the crucial factors to cross-check before the final action - purchase.

Here you go with a brief overview of each product and 12000 lb winch comparison to guess which unit can address your need.

"6.6 HP motor is able to bear lots of torture. The entire hardware is manufactured with stainless steel material for assuring rigidity, durability, and endurance to rough and tough task of winching. It is a lightweight winch with a weight of only 67 pounds."

"The unit comes featured with IP68 waterproof design. The 80-feet synthetic rope is pretty much strong to pull heavy objects. Premium construction is a signature mark of WARN and this 95960 model is 2x durable compared to the rest."

"An affordable choice which features a 3-stage gearbox for better control. The heavy-duty metal string, made of stainless steel, can stand the high tension and pull the heavy load. Indeed, it could last up to years."

"Waterproof 4-way roller. Robust 6.6 HP motor can drag up to 12,000 pounds effortlessly. Pretty simple to install without the help of a pro."

" Comes with an 87-feet wire rope that is abrasion-resistant. It also offers a wireless remote for smooth and superior control. The automatic braking lock system allows you to lock the cable to prevent slacking."

"Made of low-profile design, which enables you to fit this tool on any vehicle with ease. It is friendly with all weathers; the item weight is only 76.1 lbs not to add a huge load to overall weight."

"Offers a sliding gear bar and 3-stage gear box to make your winching task more effective. Furthermore, you will get a 6.0 HP motor to haul loads of 12,000 pounds with ease."

8. Best Versatile Pick: Tungsten 4x4 T12000S Electric Winch

Featured with an IP67 waterproof and dustproof design. To make a firm attachment, it comes with a carbon steel hook. Its 6.6 HP motor is strong enough to support pulling tons of weight."

9. Best For Heavier Truck: WARN 17801 M12000 Series Winch

"Built with high-quality materials, provided with a 125-feet wire rope with stainless steel construction, minimal or zero possibility of wearing and tearing, and includes a couple of advanced features."

"Steel base, which could last for long. The control box is manufactured with a waterproof design and a 3-stage gear box. Thus you enjoy extended winching service and superior control"

Top 10 Best 12000 lb Winch Reviews

The 12000 lbs winches are the top quality winch units equipped with efficient components, powered by robust motors, made of premium material, designed with advanced features, and attached with accessories to increase convenience. On top of that, most of them are affordable, and some units claim a bit higher price but compensate with the high-end service. And nearly all the products are backed by a confident warranty statement. This is the story in short that the following reviews are going to tell.

1. Best Overall: Smittybilt X2O COMP 12000 lb Winch

Key Features
  • 6.6 HP powerful Amphibious motor withstands heavy loads.
  • Three-stage planetary gear system.
  • Stainless steel hardware could last for years.
  • Several mounting options.
  • Features roller fairlead with steel cable and roller fairlead with sythetic rope. 
  • The weight of Smittybilt X2O winch is just 67 lbs.

You should avail the Smittybilt X2O COMP if you are hungry for the best 12000 lb winch. It stands out from the rest due to its stainless steel hardware, powerful motor, multiple mounting options, and a couple of reasons that you will be aware of by the time you end this review.

Equipped with its dynamic braking system, this is a piece of cake to control the whole winch. Furthermore, you will get a 3-stage gearbox that is designed for added performance at the time of winching. Superior control awaits you here; guess why?

Smittybilt X2O COMP 12000 lb Winch

You are right to guess that a wireless remote is what we are hinting at. That is a must have accessory for those who love to accomplish crucial tasks in a simple way. Not to end surprising you, you can handle this unit manually as well. It comes with a synthetic rope that is rigid, flexible, and long-lasting at the same time! You can also choose steel cable option which comes featured 98.5' length cable and a 4-way roller fairlead. There is no other differences between the both option.

  • Quite easy to control through the dynamic braking system
  • Simple to control through a wireless remote
  • Efficient rope for holding firmly
  • Designed for bearing with heavy pressure
  • Both manual and remote control
  • Steel cable option to ensure versatility 
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty ensures durability
  • Dynamic braking system ensures lower drum temparature.
  • Pretty small mounting tabs and solenoid mounting does not go with this unit
  • The wireless Remote control system works only a lower distance

Final Words: This is what brings you robust power, versatile control, and extended rescue life altogether. So, to get rapid and powered recovery from a stranded and left-alone off-road position, you should avail this Smittybilt winch sooner.

2. Best Premium Pick: WARN 95960 ZEON 12000 lb Electric Winch

Key Features
  • Different versions with different pulling abilities (10000 and 12000 lbs).
  • Advanced wireless remote for better control.
  • Made of IP68 waterproof design.
  • Has got a display for reading the motor temperature.
  • Delivers both Spydura synthetic and wired rope.
  • Includes a car charger and a USB charging cable.
  • Features aluminum hawse fairlead

Ready to spend additional expenses for the trade off – premium winching service? Then definitely, this particular model from WARN is for you. It is packed with a lot of unique features resulting in huge benefits, which is why it might be the best 12000 lb electric winch out there in the market.

The advanced wireless remote control system allows you to run this tool without much effort and from inside the car. For dragging heavy objects or massive cars, it has got a rigid 80-feet synthetic rope, which is flexible in dealing with and efficient for hauling longer.

WARN 95960 ZEON 12000 lb Electric Winch

In order to get the wired rope version with the same loading capacity (12000 lbs), you have to move on to the WARN ZEON 92820.

Additionally, you can get a display to read the motor's temperature to avoid overheating and the danger involved. It is undoubtedly 2x durable than the rest, thanks to the sturdy metal housing and the premium materials.

Supreme among the advanced features, the IP68 waterproof rating empowers you to challenge any adverse weather like snowing, raining, and the likes. Therefore, you can plan an off-road trip around the year without caring much for the weather. To respond emergency call, you will get a piece of USB cable and a car charger.

  • 2X More durable to bear with rough and tough use
  • Compatible with heavy-objects
  • Scarce possibility of overheating
  • Hassle-free installation without pro help
  • Waterproof design to beat adverse weather
  • An expensive winch but compensate with high-end benefits

Final Words: On top, robust hauling capacity, premium construction, and high endurance, this unit offers you all-year-round recovery assurance, and the resistance to overheating is an above-the-average safety guard. Aren't they enough to stop shopping and go for it?

3. Best for Jeep: X-BULL Steel Cable 12000 lb Electric Winch

Key Features
  • A Power “in and out” motor ensures positive loading.
  • Includes a 26-meter stainless steel cable.
  • Has got a 3-stage gear box for better functionality.
  • Able to take 12,000 pounds of loads.
  • Features an automatic load-holding system.
  • Suitable to use with both handheld and wireless remote.

So, you are tight on cash yet hungry for the best 12000 pound winch for the money, right? Well, this is why we have picked up this particular winch for you, which you can get by spending a small amount of cash only!

It features a power “in and out” motor in order to ensure positive loading control. The 26-meter cable is designed to pull about 12,000 pounds of weight with ease. Moreover, the cable is made of stainless steel material so that you can drag massive vehicle weight without much effort.

X-BULL 12000 lb Electric Winch

With its 3-stage gearbox, it will be pretty simple to control the winch. The automatic load-holding system enhances your safety. The motor is able to bear with high pressure and so empowers the unit to drag and move faster.

The best thing about X-BULL Winch is its dual remote controller, which allows you to run this tool with less effort and much convenience.

  • Dual remote for superior control and convenience
  • Ease of use, operation, and maintain
  • Powerful motor with a durable 26-meter rope
  • Enhanced safety while operating
  • Exclusive service at affordable price
  • Remote keeps switching off while operating
  • You might have to face burning issues!

Final Words: If you are after a powerful winch backed by robust pulling capacity and supported by sturdy metal cable, This unit is for you, available at an affordable price, not dig deep into your pocket.

4. Top Rated: Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC 12000 lb Winch

Key Features
  • Features a wired remote for controlling the braking system.
  • 6.6 HP motor can stand against harsh weather.
  • Both synthetic and wire rope are included.
  • 4-way roller is waterproof.
  • 83 pounds of item weight.
  • Has got a corded yet efficient remote.
  • Other models pack a handy bag and cradle additionally.

This Smittybilt 12000 lb capacity winch can be a preferable option for power and recovery. Take a look at this particular model meant for huge weight capacity able to pull several types and sizes of vehicles with less effort.

Included with wire rope to maximize your pulling ability. You can also get this 12000 lbs winch with synthetic rope if you want. Like our previous models, you can get a three-stage gearbox to control the winch smoothly.

Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch

Its 6.6 HP motor backs the hauling not to falter at operation, and the 4-way roller fairlead makes the pulling a breeze by letting the metal string pass and retract smoothly.

Smittybilt GEN 2 offers a corded remote that you can use by maintaining a safe but workable distance. Consequently, you don't have to face any kind of danger during the rescue operation. The easy installation process is another great plus for those who are a beginner in this particular field.

  • Pretty strong and durable to last longer than average units
  • Versatile pulling with both types of string available at preference
  • Three-stage gearbox and corded remote for superior control
  • Risk-free operation from a safe distance
  • Quite simple to install with zero set-up cost
  • Limited lifetime warranty for mechanical parts
  • Not as waterproof as it is claimed to be

Final Words: The ability to take a heap of pressure, the load-hauling capacity, features ensuring safe are what you cannot omit from your ultimate purchase list. In addition, flexibility to accommodate the pulling string type is a great consideration for this unit.

5. Upgraded Pick: Driver LD12 ELITE Electric Heavy Duty Winch

Key Features
  • 6.0 HP reversible motor.
  • 87-feet wire rope is abrasion-resistant and flexible at the same time.
  • Equips a smart wireless remote.
  • Weighs around 87.7 pounds.
  • Has a unique automatic braking lock system.
  • Has a four-way roller fairlead

The tremendous look will draw your attention at first sight. However, the sleek look may not be the prime consideration here, but the intelligent design and premium construction are what you cannot bypass.

Apart from the mentioned factors, it has got enough power armed with a robust 6.0 HP motor. Of course, it can drag and move 12,000 pounds of weight or more with ease. Plus, it features an 87-feet wire rope that is flexible and, most importantly, abrasion-resistant to make the rescue operation a breeze. 

LD12 ELITE Electric Heavy Duty Winch

As for safety and superior control, the smart wireless remote is there to accomplish the rescue task safely and conveniently. The stand-out part? Yes, the automatic braking lock so that you can lock the wired rope in order to prevent slacking or danger caused by it.

  • Enough power, sturdy body, and rigid string
  • Pretty simple to control and play safe
  • Free from slacking issues by the unique locking system
  • Robust motor to back huge load hauling
  • Heavy-duty and heavy-weight to sit steady
  • Gets hot fast and drains the battery faster than the fellow units

Final Words: Robust power and a safety locking system are a convenient combination not to miss. You need rapid recovery while keeping safe no being sliced by a slacked metal string. So, be in a hurry to avail this unit.

6. Budget Pick: WARN 96820 VR12 Electric Winch

Key Features
  • Made of low-profile design.
  • Load-holding cone brake for maximum control.
  • 76.1 lbs. of weight
  • Includes a wound-series motor.
  • The waterproof rating allows you to use it in every weather.
  • Built with stainless steel rope for assuring maximum holding.

We highly recommend this model for those who are in search of a Warn 12000 pound electric winch. In keeping with the reputation of the brand, this unit is reliable, versatile, and made of a low-profile design that fits almost every vehicle easily.

It offers a wound-series motor that is efficient and able to take a lot of off-road torture. Featured with a load-holding cone brake, this model maximizes your control while winching. 

WARN VR10-S Electric Winch

Compared with the identical options, the weight of this item is convenient to sit snugly but not breaking your hand while installing.

People really like the waterproof design, enabling you to use this stuff in any season and weather without facing any issue. In order to drag 12,000 pounds of weight, it comes with a stainless steel rope, which is pretty strong not to snap while in high tension.

  • Powerful motor to back power pulling
  • Drags 12,000 pounds or more weight at ease
  • Weather-friendly to be on an off-road trip around the year
  • Pretty strong rope to bear with high pressure from giant load
  • Bolts rusting issues and rope is reported to be crap by some

Final Words: Yes, this tool can easily be fitted on any vehicle, thanks to its low-profile design. Besides, it comes waterproof to rule the off-terrain routes in all seasons. Not to mention the power and sturdiness that are common with high-end rescue tools like that.

7. Best Under $500: Rough Country 12000 LB PRO Series Winch

Key Features
  • Features a 100-feet stainless steel rope.
  • Equipped with a superior 6.0 HP motor.
  • To enhance performance, it offers a 3-stage gearbox with a sliding gear clutch.
  • Packs a wired remote with smooth control.
  • Made of IP67 dustproof and waterproof design.
  • 4-way roller and clevis hook are included.

Still hunting for a 12000 lb electric winch? Then Rough Country PRO12000 might be your ultimate choice. Its 6.0 HP motor assures you of dragging each and every heavy object with ease.

The 3-stage gearbox and the sliding gear clutch are meant to make the winching task: cause zero or minimal fatigue. Thus your off-road journey remains a fun experience for you. 

Rough Country 12000 LB PRO Series Winch

The IP67 dustproof and waterproof design withstands harsh weather. A 100-feet rope is included, which made of high-quality stainless steel, adds convenience and comfort. Thanks to the outstanding length.

Whether you are closer or farther, you will be able to control the winch nicely, and the credit goes to its wired remote. And the power (6.0 HP) motor is to back the heavy load pulling. A 4-way roller and clevis hook is included with the winch.

  • Can hold heavy objects with ease
  • Easily controllable through the wired remote
  • Dust-resistant not to decay and wear out sooner
  • Requires operational effort for the remote
  • Extra-long winching rope to reach the farthest ditch or deep slope
  • The gearbox is a little cramped

Final Words: You are having robust pulling power, extra long winch string, efficient features, and premium construction packed in a single unit—certainly, a miss to regret if you don't go for it.

8. Best Versatile Pick: Tungsten 4x4 T12000S Electric Winch

Key Features
  • 6.6 HP wound-series motor could last for years.
  • Capable of taking weights of 12000 lbs.
  • Made of a lightweight structure, which is only 60 pounds.
  • 3-stage gearbox adds smooth control.
  • Equips an IP67 dust-resistant and waterproof design.
  • 85-feet synthetic rope is strong enough.
  • Includes a separate control box.

This winch comes armed with a superior 6.6 HP wound-series motor to take tons of pressure with ease. 85-feet long synthetic rope is there to make your winching task smarter and simpler at the same time. The pulling capacity is 12,000 pounds and a bit more on a call of emergency.

Like our previous model, it features an IP67 waterproof and dust-resistant design so that you can use this piece of stuff in any location and all year round. Along with it, you will get a separate control box.

Tungsten 4x4 T12000S Electric Winch

For assuring a firm attachment, it includes a carbon steel hook. We really like its compact shape, enabling you to fit this winch on SUVs, trucks, jeeps, etc. With the help of its 3-stage gearbox, you can have smooth control.

Compared with most of the 12000 lbs winch, the weight is pretty light, which is an advantage for those who want to move this stuff. Overall, it might be the best 12000 lb electric winch that you are hungry for.

  • Pretty lightweight to shift at ease
  • Compatible with most the vehicles
  • Carbon steel hook ensures a firm attachment
  • Powerful and long-lasting
  • Dustproof not to decay or develop rust
  • Waterproof to beat the rain and snowing
  • Nothing yet

Final Words: Pretty highly powered to pull a weight of around 12,000 pounds and designed to fight decay and hostile weather. Capable of pulling fast and work in all weather will suffice to serve your rescue purpose.

9. Best For Heavier Truck: WARN 17801 M12000 Series Winch

Key Features
  • Includes 4 mounting holes.
  • 4.6 HP wound-series motor.
  • WARN 17801 comes with 125-feet wire rope
  • Provides a handheld remote.

Now, this model of WARN, which includes a 4.6 HP wound-series motor for taking heavy loads up to 12,000 lbs. The motor seems weaker than its fellow units here but powerful enough to pull and drag the said load.

Due to its numerous mounting options, the unit will sit snugly with every vehicle type. Constructed with high-quality material, this winch is assuring you of ultimate longevity.

WARN M12000 Series Electric Winch

Furthermore, this winch offers a 125-feet wire rope that is made of stainless steel material. So, there is less chance of wearing and tearing. You can maintain adequate distance while winching; how? It includes a corded handheld remote that is pretty simple to use.

Luckily, WARN 17801 is corrosion-resistant. Like the previous model, it comes with a carbon steel hook meant for assuring a strong attachment.

  • Corrosion-resistant exterior to protect from friction
  • Made of heavy-duty material for extended winching life
  • Stainless steel cables to stay beyond tearing and slacking
  • Delivers the chance of having decent control
  • Sturdy carbon steel hook for better attachment
  • Bulky type and no other issue

Final Words: We really like its 125-feet stainless steel rope, which is lengthy and durable at the same time. This particular winch is corrosion-resistant, allowing you to use it in any place, whether muddy or watery. The overall construction is durable as well.

10. Cheaper Pick: TRIBLE SIX 12000 lbs Towing Winch

Key Features
  • 3-stage gearbox has included.
  • Provides two wireless remotes and a piece of handheld remote.
  • Waterproof as well as corrosion-resistant.
  • Steel construction ensures ultimate longevity.
  • Delivers a sturdy wired rope.

Our last and final choice goes to this winch from TRIBLE SIX, which comes with a hauling capacity of 12,000 pounds. To control the tool in a smooth way, it features a 3-stage gearbox. Max pulling power and supreme control is a coveted combination to go for.

Also, you will get a handheld remote along with two pieces of smart wireless remote for safe operation and superior control while winching. The overall performance is praiseworthy since it is equipped with a 6.0 HP powerful motor.

TRIBLE SIX 12000 lbs Towing Winch

The entire housing is built with steel to stay stable and sturdy in a heavy-duty task like winching. Besides, it comes with a waterproof design to ensure that you can use this winch in any weather. The control box is weather-friendly as well. Its sturdy wired cable is designed for delivering you the chance of pulling trucks, SUVs, jeeps, or other vehicles effortlessly.

  • Has a powerful 6.0 HP motor not to falter while in action
  • Heavy-duty wired cable for heavy load pulling
  • Multiple remotes improve user control, working convenience, and comfort
  • Cordless remote control for safe and convenient rescue
  • Unbeatable by adverse weather
  • Gets overheated when run for extended hours

Final Words: Availing this winch is synonymous to ensuring not left stranded and stuck in off-road areas. Super strong cable, durable unit, high power motor, supreme control, and pulling convenience. What more do you want?

Buying Guide & Tips

Indeed, there are tons of winches out there in the market. As a beginner, it could be very challenging for you to pick up a single winch. Feeling worried? You should not be, as we are here with a comprehensive buying guide that will help you to pick out the best 12000 lb winch without working hard!

Weight Capacity

Yes, your first priority should be this particular feature. A winch that you are going to buy should be highly able to pull lots of weight, or else you can't get yourself out from a ditch, mud, or hole.

We handpicked those options that are capable of 12,000 pounds of weight.

The Material of Rope/Cable

This is another crucial factor that you should consider seriously while picking up a winch. Without the assistance of a sturdy and flexible rope, the winch will be unable to take heavy loads; even you can't pull a tiny size of a car with flimsy cables.

Go and find out the one that includes stainless steel cable or synthetic ropes. These two types are pretty strong and allow the winch to bear tons of weight with ease.


A motor generates the real power to pull lots of pounds. With the help of a weaker motor, the winch will appear to be a piece of junk!

Definitely, you have to go with a winch that equips the unit with a powerful motor so that you can accomplish your winching task successfully. Tungsten4x4 winch for pulling (T12000S) comes with a 6.6 HP motor that is more than enough for pulling heavy loads.

Length of Rope

Alongside the material, you should focus on the length of the cable/rope as well. There is no alternative to a long rope for those who want to pull a heap of weight by staying at a long distance. But, you need a powerful motor as well; if the length of your winch's cable is too long, bear in mind.

Waterproof Design

As a traveler, you have to spend the majority of your time outside. So, it is clear that you might have to face snow, mud, or rain at times.

A winch with a waterproof design will help you overcome challenges thrown by the said adversaries. This is why you should consider picking up a model that includes this useful feature.

Other considerations include material and resistance to over-heating. Sturdy material for the winch is mandatory, and so you see all the winches in the market are of premium stainless steel. And overheating protection is an additional convenience not common with all units. But the one having this should be given serious consideration to.


Is a 12000 lb winch enough for any type of vehicles?

Of course, a 12,000 pounds hauling capacity for a winch is more than enough for all types of vehicles. These types of winch basically use a powerful wound-series motor as well as an effective gear system to take heavy loads as if in a breeze.

How much is a twelve thousand pound truck winch?

The price indeed depends on the product. We have included the winches that claim different price tags. You can choose according to your ability and needs. Approximately, the average range of price is between 500$-2000$ or so.

To Get In-Depth Reviews of the best winch for your truck, go through This Article.

How much is a 12000 pound Warn winch?

Again, it depends since the market has got various models of WARN. But we have listed a couple of models from WARN that you can get by expending 889$-2051.99$.

While joining the battery of winch, why am I facing sparks?

It is because the negative and positive connections are getting mixed up. Sparking might be very dangerous, and most importantly, there is a big possibility of explosion if you are not aware of this matter. In that case, you should check out the connection and take assistance from experts as soon as possible.

What should be the range of distance while I am controlling the winch through a wireless remote?

Keeping yourself a bit farther is safe while you are using a winch; however, there is no particular law in this case. For making a perfect connection through your wireless remote, the range of distance should be no more than 45-feet.

Wrap Up

You have reached this part of the article is evident that you have learned how to reach the best 12000 lb winch for you and have encountered some top-quality products. Now, it should be easy for you to end up with the right product. The following three are our editor’s picks.

Smittybilt X2O COMP is our winner, which stands the first position on our top-priority list. Features a 6.6 HP motor for pulling 12,000 pounds of weight effortlessly. You can control the entire winch with ease since it comes with a dynamic braking system. You can easily afford its price as well.

WARN 96820 is a clear runner up that is packed with lots of useful features. It is versatile, durable, and made of waterproof design so that you can use it during rain or snow. In addition, we are fond of its low-profile design, allowing you to easily set this tool in any vehicle.

Our third choice goes to the Tungsten4x4 Winch for Pulling (T12000S). Includes an 85-feet synthetic rope to take loads of 12,000 pounds in a breeze. It also equips a 6.6 HP superior motor that is highly able to bear tons of pressure. Thankfully, you can make a firm attachment through its carbon steel hook.

That said, all the units here are able to stand by you to free you from the stuck situation and drag you from stranded ditch and hole. Yes, they do have their downsides, but none of the cons is a deal-breaker. You can find the best one that matches your requirements and budget. In fact, all these 10 12000 winch reviews focus on the top quality winch units.

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